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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005 8:28 PM

2day is teacher's day eve...having celebration in my sch...so fun...we had a party...got food,pizza,cake,drinks,tibits and sweets...while some classes had games wif the teachers...our class are perparing for the party...then one upper sec malay boy kept runing 2 our class to steal our sweets and drinks...haha...then my friends and i block him from getting into our class including the back door...haha...then later he came again...wa tis time is so funny tat i laugh until siao...haha..u noe wat he do...at first i dunno he used balloon 2 become the breast sia...then like so funny lol...if u got saw it...u will noe wat i mean...haha...then later we went up 2 the hall for concert...sit there like about 3hrs 15 mins sia...standing up was so pain...then later yu jun asked mi tat wanna go see the cat...then i wonder wat 2 see the cat for wat...but however i went wif yi wei to see lol...then now than i noe why they liked 2 see liao...it was 3 KITTENS!!...so cute sia...but they veri poor thing lol...there got a lot of red ants leh...and bitting the kittens tat they keep screaming...i wanted 2 carried it but when i carried it up...i felt tat the bones are soft and i scared tat it will break...then it took abt 30min to carried it into a box...of course is not mi carried lah...is other people...then we put them in a shade...and i saw tat the red ants are over their bodies and bitting them...as i heard their cries...so sad sia...then after tat...ranson called the S.P.C.A to come and take away the kittens...while waiting for the car,we played wif the kittens and took the red ants away...the colours of the 3 kittens are black/white,white,tabby....i like the black/white kitten...it was so cute and its eyes was blue in colour sia...although we played wif the kittens abt 1hr 30mins....i had the feeling wif them....when they were being sent...i feel like crying...how i wish i can keep it sia...sobzsobz...oh ya...forgot to tell u guyz tat how we found the 3 kittens....i also not sure lol...heard from yu jun tat is shaffree found it one...it was in the teacher's table cabinet...then dunno ms yuen sae tat throw them away...dunno is it true a not...then shaffree put them in the bushes...wa lao...now then i noe tat ms yuen is cruel sia...haiz...not heart feeling...sian..

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