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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 8:41 PM

e2dae is wed. hoh...erm...let miie tink wat should i writez nehz...oh ya..hm econ 2dae our class do the bread tuna thingy...as BITC...gonna sell during recess time...den we need to cut the onions...all 2gether got abt 20 onions altogether ba...den i group wif amos, duo jie, eugene...den miie and amos cut the bread liao ma...den eugene and duo jie settle the onions...den we two went to spread the bread wif butter...after a while...den dunno why miie eyes getting painful and started crying...den first time saw amos cry...so funny sia...will nv forget 2dae...den amos sae wat sell the tears to the e-bay...den i fake smile to him loh...den i stand there laugh and cry...

our class is crying on 19 04 '06
den we spread the bread le...den go put the tuna on top...den cheesezzz...i put he mayonise on top, put in oven...i got buy one as onli $1...wa...the first bit on it was damn the nice loh...

recess le...we go sell our bread to the lower sec ppl...they also sae veri nice and we sold all ba...

eng period...mrs daniel came our class to listen ma...den poh ling de frenz wanna pass the drinks to her ma...den mrs daniel saw it and went outside and see...found 2 drinks outside...after she pass the drinks to mdm low and came scold us...stupid sia she...

sci period le...be4 tat i tot miie group tat i forget to bring thumb-drive..den michelle keep saying 'gong xi gong xi' ...den shermeen scared until dunno...den i sae i got bring...they all beat miie sia...den i sae i 'ao ye' to do this proj until 12 loh...hahaz...so hardworking ritez...hahaz

after sch got nth to do so left behind to pei wif sharon...cus she wan to do the lit proj...den when on the way down the stairs...erm i tink the attendance was washing the stairs ma...den i dunno how i fall loh...when i slipped down...i hold on miie bear den drop miie water bottle...wa..miie finger pain sia...den miie, sharon, min ning went rent the racket and played...after a while...zhan jie told us wanna go meet derick at food palace anot..we sae okiie loh...after tat, we makes alot of jokes loh..den derick wanna go bank ma..but miie and sharon dun wan...den we went back to sch and saw lao pa,wilbert...den went home...u cannot talk to wilbert de..if talk ar...must prepare to vomit liao...hahaz...u talk to him den u will noe de...but den i hearts wilbert cus he buy miie princles gif miie...hahaz...

Evon's xD