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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006 7:10 PM

2dae sick sia...got sore throat , flu and cough...tot i got fever...den dun haf loh..2dae mrs lai nv come....we so happiie l0h...den michelle, poh ling and rui ling slack 3 periods loh...so gd sia...den 2dae cannot concentrade during history...cus of mine tat stupid flu and coughing...make mine throat so itcy...den need to cough so much...morning woke up nearly no voice loh...den i keep coughing...finally got voice le...hahaz...michelle, poh ling and rui ling said they nearly saw ghost loh during the slack-ing...they said they heard phone ringing in the toilet de 4th floor de...den they tot is michelle's phone ringing loh...of cus is not loh...den i dunno is ghost anot loh...
den 2dae got cip ma...at the goldenpine thr...den miie, michelle, poh ling, wei ying, hong hoon and min ning is one group ma...den we need do a survey abt the high bill of water, electrical and blah blah...den we go to 3rd, 4th and 5th floor...others went other floors loh...den kao bei de loh...i hate 4th floor sia...make mine ears so pain...tat stupid uncle la...actually tat unit is not i 'fu zhe' de loh...is wei ying and hong hoon...den they said they dunno how to talk in english so i help them loh...
den i tink i was finding miieself trouble...the uncle den compaint the banging door to miie loh...said wat every morning the guy who stay above him keep giving him to banging sound of the door...den he said wat the guy who compaints did not haf anii sounds...den no ones noe hes going out and in...den he ask miie to write ' tell the inconsiderate and uncaring ppl to stop banging their doors every morning so loudly...' den after he ask miie to add ' and the ppl from the HELL '...den i dare not write loh...den ask hui ji to writez...so the wat ritez?...den he still DEMOSTRATE to us how they bang the door...so loud loh...i scared until i moved backwards...then he still said tat he revenge by using a huge tree branch...the branch breaks and he still use to hit against the top ceiling...den tat time...i said omg...tinking tat hes a little bit siao le...den he keep repeating the words he said just be4...
den wo zhi hao stand thr listen to him loh...it so de wat loh...i told him tat i nid to go le...den he keep saying and saying non-stop...dun let miie go off...den miie and hui ji saw keith,wei jing and yi chong went off le ma...den told uncle...he just smile at us..actually i can ran off de loh...cus michelle wanna talk to miie ma...den he called miie sia...wa lao...den i scared his blood brust out loh...den again go back and listen to him loh...i dunno why...pris came...even worst loh...uncle getting angrier...so scarely...den is lyk after quite some time...we heard footsteps ma...den we told him tat we realli need to go liao..den tat was he was letting us to go...we ran off and did not see aniione loh...just den amos, sam and the others came down from the stairs...just den i tink they had save us from tat uncle...
now i tink i can hear the UNCLE TEO's voice sia....arghh....must get rid of tis!!!

Evon's xD