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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, August 21, 2006 7:25 PM

2dae sci lesson so fun..
we folding stars and hearts in class ma..
den jia wei sae something lyk "wei shen me nan sheng dui zhe xie you xin qu?"
in eng is something lyk "why do boys lyk to fold these type of things?"
den wei jing sae "u sure i'm boy ma?"
so funny loh
den we keep using this phase thoughtout the whole day..

math period..so anxious loh..
i got the 2nd highest..45/50
weekiat got the 1st..47/50
i got 1 question veri veri careless loh
if not i got the same as wee kiat liao..

erm..d&t not much to sae..
geo...haix..just pass the paper..
heng loh..got 18/35
den cherie got the highest..33/35..
gd loh..haix..

2dae got cip...go the sungel bulo(i tink i spell wrong ar)
erm..was kind of excited ba..
den reached thr at the entrance..was so smelly..
had to go to the room called "threatertte"
so werid loh..the name of the room..
den got 1 instructor tells us wats the rulex..
he talk damn the lame loh..

he sae the got the mangrove snake ar..dunno wats the name liao..
sae was the most poisonous thr..
forgot it..was damn long..lazy to type liao..
erm..after tat went to put our bags in the locker..
den walk to the muddy thr to plant the mangrove..
den my hp receive 2 welcome message to malaysia
thr damn the muddy..
is lyk..ur shoe can struck thr 4eva lyk tat de..
den saw sea cockroaches, baby crab...

after giving the instruction on how to plant the mangrove..
the steps is:
1. Gently knock around the pot with a wood.
2. Press on top of the mud soil. Then, pour it down and take out the thingy inside without spoilt the plant and the soil...
3. Put the thingy inside the hole,which the people had done for you,gently.(the hole haf water de)
4. Push the soil(around the hole) into the hole.
5. Use the bamboo stick,put near the plant so to support the plant.
6. Use the green string,(aka crystal) to tie the plant so the plant won't wash away.

when on the way back...me and min ning ran back..
while running, we saw a lizard ba..ran right across under our nose
hahax..den near the entrance liao..
so many de flies thr sia..dunno wats tat..

haix..gtg sleep le..dun miss me ar..

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD