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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, August 31, 2006 6:05 PM

these two days keep walking under the rain..
cus of the cip..no choice ma..hahax..
i tink i gonna sick liao..

erm..yesterdae de assembly was talking abt NO DRUG ABUSE
erm..the guy shows us a batch of photo of a boy abuse drug
and was being cane..erm..i tink 6 strokes ba..
the pic was kinda of er xin loh..
the guy sae tat..the caning was lyk thr will be medical doctor thr to check tat the boy still can be cane..
if the doc sae the boy's health still can take it..
then will be cane until he cannot ta han(cannot take it) liao..
i won't be abusing drug de..
heng loh..im a girl not boy..
if boy ar..i will gone siao de..

mr chaw show us a side show of friendship..
it was damn touching and the pics in thr is damn cute
wanting him to sent me ba..
den jiang lao shi wrote a phase on the board..
its said, "if u FAIL to PLAN, u PLAN to FAIL"
erm..will consider the phase in my mind..

2dae me quite sad loh..
cus of the computer...
i cannot switch on the cpu only..
the monitor still can switch on..
i scared tat the memory i stall in..
will disappeared..
if realli disappeared ar..
i will gone crazy..

2dae is cher's day celebration..
tis year de cher concert is the super best concert in my whole life..
i lyk it very much..
thanx to those who help in this concert...THANX THANX
i tink i lyk the is the hip hop de..
super super nice loh..
maybe one of the band we had..
and the awards to the chers..
of cus the SONGS they had put..

erm..oh ya...the big breakfast we had in the morning..
was the funniest thing..
we had this pics of 2e3...
all the pics are took by ms cheong..
den..my pics in thr was damn ugly loh..
those pics was funny..cus of the effect..
after abt half an hour ba..
we cut the cake..
den eat..
i take the cream and make at ms cheong's face..
den everyone start making each other with cakes..
the most kanna is keith loh by min ning..
den i make lots of ppl..
weijing idoit de loh..
nv make him..den he make me with the nutella..
haix..aniway was having quite fun loh..

after the sch...me,weiying,min ning and sharon went to sell the badges and the book..
den all the badges sell finish le ma..
left the book..
den went to this unit..0864
she help me buy the book loh..
so gd de..
hahax..is we heng loh..

went back to pcs..
saw lots of ppl we hadn't see for 1 yr le
erm..saw my ex ex-en lian de ren..
he look lyk an idoit when u keep looking at him..
heng tat i dun lyk him liao..
den saw quite alot of chio bu loh..
all bacome chio liao only me haven..haix..
mr kiew ar..
still lyk old times lyk tat..keep firting with girls..
he was popular with girls loh..
haix..but sumtimes he talking will hurt a person..but he dunno..
gtg le..

~ [ evon ] ~
lyk him 4eva

Evon's xD