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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, October 23, 2006 11:02 PM


argh...shit sia..i tpye all the things suddenly all gone!!!!!....
i hate it...
nvm..i will do a summary out of it..

oh ya...i remember...
was kanna scolding by ms arinta
cus lyk somthing dun respect her loh..
sae cannot laugh..
wateva sia..

early of sch..8am went to the stupid choir practice..
i hate choir!!!
i was tinking tat i lyk choose the wrong cca liao..
i hope tat i won't regret sia..
but now i feeling abit regret liao
si ms tan la..
keep scolding us..
is lyk is her fault loh..
play the piano so damn the slow..
still sae us dunno how to sing..
i HATE HER!!!!!~~~~~
mr chew was funny when he was conducting
keep laughing..
i did alot of mistakes..

den went back to class..cannot find the others..
yuan lai at the dnt..
den scared tio me..
was watching the bruce almighty..
went for recess after tat..

watch im not stupid too at the hall..
i was lyk going to drop my tears...
but dunno suddenly..
cannot drop liao..
den the movie was touching loh...
is worth to watch again...
so lame! cool man! wateva!
it was funny after all..

took my class photo from sing yee...
argh...was damn the not nice..
i mean myself nia...
i tink i choose the wrong pic liao...
haix..wateva sia..already choose liao..
so no choice le..

went to eat with sharon, huiji, weiling and min ning..
crap with them loh
den went to find dar, yi chong and alan at the swing thr..
the guys tot of scare us ba..they go hide at the 2nd floor..
so lame loh..
after tat...
smell somthing stinky..
it was lyk dog shit ba..
den ask hu step on dog shit..
all busy looking at their shoe inculding me..
alan got the shit...
suay ba..
i almost vomited it out..

was soon raining after alan went home to have a change..
den was lyk still got the smell loh..
den went to 873...but change mind to 868..
played dai dee loh..

went home...wanting to do it..
but still dare not loh..

i hate "him"
i dun tink i wanna sae it here ba..

hahax..my summary so long sia..
aniwae...gd nite everyone..
haf a sweet dreams ba...

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD