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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, November 20, 2006 6:24 PM

IM BACK!!!!!~~~~
got miss me??..=x

was feeling veri veri tired.
i tink im gonna sick.

lets talk abt my choir camp.

[18.11.2006] =)

was the first dae of camp.
actually be4 tat..
my kor's gf came our house to sleep..LOL.
aniwae...they slept together...=x
hahax...tats y i so late sleep(1.30am) cus wanna see his gf looks.
nv see be4...my kor keep saeing me fat..
but indeed im fat
aniwae..back to camp...hahax..
i find out tat my bag look so so de small..
tot tat did i forget to bring anything.
cus my bag is damn the small.
went to meet min ning at fp...den saw jennifer on the way.
saw their bag super big...expectionally min ning de..
erm..walked to sch de parade square.
first thing zhan jie sae is the rules..
blah blah blah..

saw my darling kaiwei...so long nv see her since sch end.
she had dye her hair brown?...
sort of having craps with her.
den all was divided into their own groups..
thr is 5 groups in total..
all was in their group le...me den realised tat im the only person doesn't haf the group..-.-
WAT THE ****!!!!!
they forgot me!!!
how can it be sia..
me lehx...how can forget abt me..sob sob..

they put me in group 5.
argh...i hate u(the one who forget my name).
aniwae...was in the group of loratta,sharon and how cher.
my group members consists of BRENDA,JIA LIN,HUI QI,KRYSTAL,WILBERT.
group name is RAIZEK.

so funny sia...only brenda thr supportive nia...
got one part damn funny...
how cher was saeing : "Raizek ooi!!!"
den i sae : "PUI!!!"
oppx...=x...i didn't mean it to pui de...
cus dunno got a mosqitoe go my lips thr...den i sae pui loh..

after tat..went to our quaters to put our bags..
den went to music room to sing..as it was a working camp.
we gonna SING for 6HOURS todae and TML!!!!
3rd gonna SING for 2HOURS..
i hate it..it was bored aniwae.
was cold in music room...almost freeze to death.

around 4.30pm...we gonna go for next activities..
veri fun loh..
our group played once nia...the other played twice!!!???
aniwae was fun..i didn't hit anione..
rebacca throw and kanna my left ear...pain sia..
is not counted...
we lost..
den went bath first.
the food sux..not nice de...
didn't eat..den went to parade square to slack time..


didn't sleep well...keep waking and sleeping,waking and sleeping
need to wake up by 6am..sot de loh..
did exercise..-.-
den slack until haf breakfast.
breakfast was the only delicous food of the 3 daes..
went for practises again..
freeze to death again...cus i nv bring jacket..argh.

after practises...we ha activities next..
called the HUMAN MONOPOLY.
it was somthing lyk napfa test lyk tat loh...
im so brave sia...
even though i noe wats animals they put in the boxes..
i still dare to put in my hands in it.
1 box is the mealworms,2nd is the frogs.
i proud of my group,RAIZEK.
even though we got 2nd in the end..we did our best.

we got this ceremony called the prize award ceremony.
was damn exciting and fun.
aniwae i lyk tis veri much ba...
maybe the next post shall sae abt the award..hahax..
wootx...min ning and zhan jie...
hahax.....gratx min ning....got xin fu le....=x.

after the ceremony.
we watched a movie called sister somthing de..
quite nice...is abt singing de..
den went to sleep...damn cold in the ava room...can't take it..
tink gonna sick liao.
now got flu le..

sleep until 4 plus am...
cus wanna go toilet..
had to go alone...dare not called ppl as they were sleeping so soundly.
i so brave sia...but hoh..
still scared...hahax..
ke pa lehx..si gen pan ye..
den went back sleep..
kanna a kick from kaiwei first..
den later on...is vanassa...lolx..


wake up at 7am..
den meet at basketball court...cause got exam going on.
played chop-chilli-chop-chilli-chop chop chop.
since not alot of ppl noe how to play..
we decided to play concentration...
but it didn't go long jiu break le.
so we played blow wing blow...
tis game is abt a person gonna stand in the circle..
middle person:"blow wind blow"
us(those who is sitting):"blow what??"
middle person:"blow those people who is wearing spect."(can be anything else)
den those ppl who is wearing spect will change their place around the circle..
the one who is the last standing is the one to become.
so fun..

went eat...need to go to dnt block thr eat...
me,kaiwei,jiana and ivy sat together and eat....
we four ate a total of 14 fishballs altogether..=x.

went for choir practise again..
did the choreo of sway..
den reflection of the camp...
den ms tan did a briefing of the NSYAA(somthing lyk tat)

den played with the balloons...
went tm with clarissa and vanassa..
saw bao at inter when im going back...
and now im here blogging..
peiseh is damn long..hahax....

gonna sick.
tired...maybe some sleep will help??

~ [ evon ] ~
wo miss dar.
wo zhen de hen pa.

Evon's xD