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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006 10:09 PM

Its OVER...

3 days 2 nights so fast gone le..

haPpiiE biRthdAe to my mei,JOCELYN!!!~~~
haPpiiE bElaTed biRthDae to my mei,PUI MAN!!~~~

First Dae [7 nov]

went to meet dar, huiji,yichong and min ning at inter...
waited for them..
while waiting for dar..
got 2 gals dunno from which church...
came and ask me and huiji to do a survey...
it was abt BGR...
talking BGR became dunno wat abt god de..
wat is the link between BGR and believing in god???
den me and huiji sat thr and listening to them..
they asked alot of Questions..
and talk until so chim loh..dun even understand it..
sae wat do u believe god created humans being?..den do u believe in god?..

after tat..
dar come le...
bus-ed down to downtown east..
walked to aloha loyang...
bungalow 13 was so inside..quite scary thr..
reach thr le..realised tat no one is inside the bungalow..
called mich....they all at ntuc buying things...
den no choice....went to beach thr to slack.....
was kinda sian dao to bet the ship...lolx..

damn funny loh..
we all went to a room..
lyk kids room....got the balls thingy...
played with the balls..
lolx...i dunno wat happened loh..
only saw huiji,min ning and yi chong gone off the room..
cus i was at the slide thr rest..
den i was a lady and sae tat only 12 and below den can play the thingy..
she sae can sit thr and watched TV only..
dar pretend to watch the TV..
lolx...den i nodded my head..she went out..
saw choong han..
den walked to bungalow again
while walking..i saw tat every bungalows de fence thr..can climb in de..
cus veri short and got holes de..
den i sae tat we climb in loh..
hahax..realli..we climb in and opened the glass slide for choong han and yc..

was so funny..
den weijing called me..so surprised..
tell him tat we in the bungalow...
den soon jiang mama and others came in..
asked us how we got in..
amos's uncle brought pizzas to eat for dinner..
i ate 1 piece of pizza nia..
when i go and take 1 more...pizza finished le..lolx..
so din eat..
watched vcd..
i ton..nv sleep..
saw how they played the mahjong..
den noe how to play liao..

2nd Dae [8 nov]

around 5 plus..
went to beach to see the sunrise..
but din..lolx..
den mich they all came find us..
later mich weiling went back to chalet to call mac for breakfast.
mich nv order yc de food..in the end become sam din haf..
so mich and sam shared..
went bath..
played mahjong....
bbq time..
i ate a hotdog only..
no appetide ma..

was happy ba..=x
den help jiang mama took photos..
watched them played ps2
mich they all gif jiang mama vcd..
after tat..they took the cake and gif dj a surprised..
around 12am plus..
walked to beach...
was lyk a group of kids going outing lyk tat.
having nice time with dar..

sat at the rock thr...
see the sea,sky,star...
lolx..after went back to chalet..
argh..no place to sleep...lolx..
haix..i tink i having night walking??
lolx...i dunno..

finally i cna't tahan le..
i went to sleep...
i dunno how i get to the bed from the chairs..

3rd dae [9 nov]

woke up at around 8 plus cus my hp vibrate..
saw min ning beside me..
den walked out the room...
jiu ting dao sam saeing evon wake up le..
is lyk so peiseh loh..
den saw deborah in room 1..
went in and sat..talked to them..
get a call from sharon...
den went to the living room..
they were playing games..as they wanna finished up the foods..
hahax..i din play..
all jiu sae me wake up le ar..so embarrass loh
suddenly all go to room 4 to sleep and play..
den talked to dar..=)
all so funny loh...
gonna walked in, saw us den first reaction is sorrie sorrie..
jiu walked out.

den gerald damn funny loh..
everytime walked in jiu sae gd morning..
hahax...min ning wake up le..
sae gd morning to her..nv reply..
time to check out le..
went to downtown east de foodcourt to eat..
shared with mich..
den bus-ed down to inter..
down from the stadium thr..
walked to oppsite sch wait for pamm..
mich and pamm went home to put bag.
den we 4 went to the playground wait for them..
followed by min ning,huiji,pamm and mich reached..
played daidee again..lolx..i won.

went back le...
dar ps me..=(
nvm...cus he veri tired also..
so pei huiji wait for her bus....
den bus-ed home..
the first ting reached home is..
went to my bed and sleep..
damn tired..
den woke up and bath..
watched goong..den went eat..
here to blog le..
gonna sleep again..
gonna rot again le....

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD