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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006 11:58 PM

wootx...tired tired tired.
just come back from escape.

had a bad bad weather.

meet 2e3 at small mac thr at 10am.
maybe i was late??
but i nv...cus i walk at tm..hahax...

nvm...weiling is late!!
took 3 and bus-ed down to downtown east.
was toking craps with them..
wanna call bao see whether she coming ma..
den took no. from mich.
i called the wrong no. sia...argh...so peisehx..

aniwae...reached escape le.
saw jiang mama...wanna gif her BOO de..but failed~
aniwae...jiang mama was cute loh...hahax...
money money money...so much...$84.
wootx...how i wish its mine...lolx..=x
we went in and the first ting is to sit the flipper..
was fun...sat the 2nd round.
not scary at all loh..
den went to rainbow...wootx...sat with weiling..-.-
she KEEP squeezing me...nvm..i squeezed her back...hahax..

went to wet and wild after tat..
partner with weiling again..
hahax...i sat infront...she sat behind.
keep spraying water at me...-.-
hahax..we didn't shout at all!!

after tat..went family coaster.
i was lyk my head gonna drop off from my body at the end thr loh.

went to haunted house to play..
maybe its my first time??
hahax...was damn dark inside nia...not scary.
2nd time went in was damn scary..dunno y..
maybe becus got kaiwei ba..lolx.

went to bomber boats.
queued until super super long.
huiji,weiying and min ning keep shoting me sia...
hai me so so wet
den went to take our ice cream...hehex..we are sots.
so cold still eat ice cream...
den went to eat at BK.
was FULL.
den pamm and michelle gave the cookies to weiling as it was her birthdae tml.(2 mins to her birthdae)

went back escape but it was raining.
so had to wait till the black clouds are gone.
finally its GONE...thanx goddness.
went to queue at flipper first...craps lots with kaiwei,weiling,michelle,pamm and shermeen.
damn funny..
went back to RAINBOW..
hehex..sat with WEILING again!!
hahax...den went to take photos of jiang mama.
den went pirate ship...sat the highest.
sat beside weiling again...lolx.
shermeen had the last game with us den went back.

shermeen had no expression when playing anithing.

i forget which one de pirate ship...
queue-ing tat time was damn damn funny...
kaiwei de sis...hahax...i laughed until siao..

blah blah blah~

was at night.
damn shuang.
sat the flipper..was at the top tat time.
wootx...the scenery was beautiful!!
was dark and the cresent moon was at the side.
i lyk tat...(the most)

kai wei sis was cute..but ke lian.

erm...went sat the toot-toot train.
hahax...so childish..=)

went off le...took photos.
gonna ask them sent me...hehe.
went to costa sand(tink so ba) to eat.
walked until MRT...jiang mama sae she had to go back le..
okie den...

i skipped my dinner..=)

haha...singyee de 'guai tai' kanna put in mich bag.
she didn't realise after we told her..
funny she.

sat MRT back to tamp.
omg...i found out tat i got EVIL LAUGHER
my laughing was scary...too bad..i can't change it
its my laugher aniwae.
walked to cherie's house..didn't noe tat she bian jia(moved house) le.
until she sae it...peiseh...my wire couldn't connect fast.

mich and me is crazy

i decided not to walk home and to take 293 with singyee and alan.
singyee ar..blur queen...forgot her wallet at cherie's bag..
and cherie had gone back home.
omg...we had to go to her house to take back.
outside the lift.
singyee: "wo wang ji she live on 12 floor or 11 floor."
i saw the corridor was dark.
me: "da dian hua gei cherie..and ask her."
we scared until....
den sae need to walk all the way and walk down.

OMG...was dark and i remembered it was lyk the haunted house..
me: "hao xiang haunted house leh singyee."
singyee screamed and ran.
i followed.

lolx..was scary sia..
asked cherie to pei wo men to the lift.
hahax...den went to meet alan at the bus stop.
he had waited for us so long..
peiseh ar...hahax..

bus came and board.
walked to the back.
i saw a guy so familar and was looking at us the direction..
after tat singyee told me..her kor was at the back..
no wonder tat guy so familar loh.

im the last to get down the bus and the last to reach home loh.
stupid sia...
i tot i saw my kor's room de light and the kitchen de light is on.
i sae got ppl at home le.
reached home..
the door was locked..so secure.
opened the door.
i supposed to get lights..
but didn't..omg..tink i saw wrong things liao.
was dark again...i hate DARK.
make me hair stand.

went bath den on com and here blogged.
i tink got fever le..hope dun haf ba.

dunno y am i hyper and crazy 2dae.

~ [ evon ] ~
hope dar had fun in malaysia.
is he sleeping now?
miss u le.

Evon's xD