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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, November 30, 2006 5:28 PM

woke up at 7.45am.
gonna go to have our alto sectional at wanny mummy house!
met min ning and jennifer at food palace first.
but din see jennifer so went to sharon's block.
saw samantha there le. waiting for us.
decided to go up to have a look for sharon.
we din noe where is sharon's unit number..
but finally find her.

walked to tropical condo(should be ba, near springfield sec.)..
i was funny.. cause i saw ah ma and ah pei was walking towards the small gate.
before that, we saw choong han. so we called him to hold the door as to let we all in.
but it seems like he doesn't know wat we shouting.
so funny. =]

walked to wanny's block and up we go her house.
we were the first...
hui zhuang's poka(should be corret spelling ba?) is HORNY!!
and she tortured he. but poka was like a mop. =x

went off to the gym.
my first time going to gym.
was tired. excerise too much le. muscle ache.

so good to have you.
but sorrie to trouble you.

went off to tamp. inter.
ran to the bus stop again.. that time when leaving too. also ran there.
hoop to the bus.. and to catch my breathe..
so went to new york pizza to have our breakfast + lunch...
bought sotong head and spring`O..
no money le..

made a deal with sharon and samantha.
the deal is that same bag same pencil case and buy wat badge with our names.
lolx..but im gonna SAVE money for my dear handphone.
thats means no money for bag and pencil case!!


but von wan go out.
maybe not to spend money??
no money = no hp = no bag = no going out.

took neoprints.
was the best of the all???

the funniest is that i lent sam my comb.
guess what happened??
it breaks into half!.

**saw michelle mummiie, pamm and elaine..
they pretend never saw us man..
so baddy. =(

walked home pei sharon.
actually din wan to walk home de.
but sharon wan.
since i so good, i pei her walked home.
talked alot about the past.
how i wish to back in the past where to meet dar again.
the time i played with him, have fun with him, crapping around with him.

saw kim kim... the girl whom we dun like and tease her everytime in pri sch.
she change alot alot. =x.. still dun like her..=x
can't realli recongised her.
still remember that time we tease her by creating a virus called 'kim kim virus'.

then was realise we were so lame in primary school.

saw policemen at inter.
police: "We need to have a talk with you. Come."
surround a man.(look so alike of justin.=x)
i think that the man had stole something or what loh.

went home and blogged.

~ [ evon ] ~
miiss dar.
hope have miracle ba.
and my dreams come true.

Evon's xD