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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006 10:17 PM

2dae morning went to the peers leadership course..
heng ar..at first not so boring not lyk mondae de..
the funniest part is when we are playing the artist,clay and model..
den when han chun was de clay..
he was supposed to be blindfolded
den was to listen artist's instructions to pose wat model is posing.
but the problem is tat HE DUNNO WHERE IS THE ELBOW??!!

den was near de end le..
played the last activities...
called the positive gifts.
lots of them sae im quiet.
den some sae im cute...??
den after dunno who ar..
jing xin sae, "VERY GD."(with two hands thumb-up)
cassadra, "....VERY GD."(with two hands thumb-up)
me "...VERY GD."(same as their action)
we keep saying very gd,very excellent??(sabri sae)...
so funny loh..

den someting happened...
suddenly feel lyk crying sia..

den later went with DUMB@SS and went to find DUMBASS
cus doing somting..
den stupid weiling....
give wat stupid ideas......
hai michelle dropped her things on the ROAD..
den me had to go pick up for u all..lolx..
i risked my life for u two le..

den when carring de thingy back to the path.
got hurt my hand..
skin peeled out nia....den pain.
got a bruise on my right kneecap thr.
y am i always get hurt de?????
pain ar

den was tired tired tired..
LUCKILY tml no need wake up so early...
gonna for choir camp le..
haix...y must be 18.!!!!!
i dun wan.....
i hate choir
choir ***

aniwae...morning near the food palace there..
got an accident..
wootx..de car bang until so nice sia..
the traffic post kanna bend..(bend until gonna dropped lyk tat)
den the traffic light and the green man/red man de thingy dropped from the post to the floor.
at first i didn't see it loh..
cus everytime i walked to the traffic light(for ppl de)..
i will watched the fornt there de traffic light(for cars de) see whether change to red le ma..
den was lyk so weird loh...no lights?red nor green nor orange??.
i tot i couldn't see properly loh..tot my eyesight become worse le..
den i saw the others traffic lights also not working..
after a moment..saw no cars den i cross..
saw ambulance.
cross half way den saw got accident.
i was slow.

~ [ evon ] ~
was so so tired tired tired..
however,i miss dar.
dreamed of u again.

Evon's xD