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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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No song lyrics. Sorry.


Monday, November 06, 2006 11:36 PM

erm...2dae go cca in the morning..
was tired...

re-sing the 3 songs again..
haix..den go through the yue liang dai biao wo de xin.
argh..i can't get the notes..
must pratices le..

stupid zhan jie...talk so many craps..
hai wo late to meet weiying and weiling..
haix..den tml got sectional..but i cannot go cus GOT CHALET!!!
finally we are released..
min ning wanna also...wootx..
more ppl le..but still 4..
den went to meet weiling...
den to my hse..
blah blah blah........

dao le wild wild wet..
went to top up funkey..
went in..wootx..
the person at the entrance talk super chim de loh..
can't understand wat she talking..hahax.
go locker thr...put our bags...
the man thr also talks veri chim...
can't understand...
den min ning went change clothes..
weiying accompany her..

went to the round round thingy to swim for 1 round..
jiu go to the slides thr played..
i lyk the yellow slide..wootx..
den went to sit ulah..(i tink spell wrong le)
the first time min ning so funny loh..
kanna splash by the water..
aniwae..go to the sky-riders later..
went up...need queue..
nvm..we are patient..
finally our turn le..
while waiting to go next..
the guard thr so funny loh..
ask us..
guard: "u 4 are friends??"
us: "ya. why lehx?"
guard: "cus u all wearing black shirt.."
us: "we cannot wear black shirt ar?"
guard: "veri obvious"
acutally i wanna sae..if obvious ar..den still ask for wat...lolx..
den dambass sae to me..
dambass: "den y are u wearing white colour?"
lolx..dambass u so lame..-.-

blah blah blah...

went played samsung..
argh..need queue again..
lolx..den queue loh..
weiying and min ning went up first..
den followed by us..
wa..we two are clumsy
lolx..went up le..
u noe wat the first word the guard sae..
guard: "u two again?"
us: "huh?"
guard: "just now u saw me"
i den looked to the sky-riders thr..the guard thr become gal..
we both laugh..
guard: "u two played how many times?"(pointing to the boat)
us: "1 times"..
den get ready loh..
our legs position was weird..
den the guard sae: "ur leg go abv her leg(referring me)...ur leg go below her leg(referring to weiling)"
lolx..was damn embarrassed..
was shiok

blah blah blah..

went to the kallang waves thr..
was kinda fun thr..
but kanna choke by the water..
lolx..keep drinking the water..
weiling sae: "we are the tsunami survivors"

alot of things happened..
lazy to tpye..=)

went to the spa thr..
wa...our shirts and shorts keep floating up..
cus the pockets keep got bubble de..

went back to ulah again..
dunno how many times we sat le..
went to change le..
den wanna eat thr de..
but den min ning cannot..
need go home le..
aniwae..we followed her go back tam inter..
as she dunno how to go back..
we were tired
i morning and lunch nv eat..

so at the bus was sleepy..
finally at tam inter..
went kfc to eat..
need queue again..
ask wei ling go queue up..=)
den sat awhile..
weiling sae she saw mich,pamm and ahem..
i called mich..sae we saw her..
mich: "oh..realli??i nv saw u all lehx.."
me: "cus u bai chi ma"(didn't mean it=)
she den came find us..

den they both gone le..
saw sam and his friends..
den sam hii to me or us..
i lyk pretend didn't hear lyk tat
den dunno wat happened la..
one by one of his friends kept looking at us..
den still laugh..
i dun lyk i dunno de ppl lyk tat de..
was lyk....
i can't get angry de...
cus i realli dunno how to get angry..
if i angry...also is pretend de..

aniwae went home after makan-ing..
wait for my bus again..
den ta-bao for my family loh..

~ [ evon ] ~
wootx..tml chalet le..
still haven pack
can see dar too..=)

Evon's xD