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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Friday, December 08, 2006 11:18 PM

actually class outing is going to sentosa but since alot of ppl can't go. As they said is too far or dun want to go. So instead of going to sentosa, we changed to watch movie. Not many gone for the outing, only nine ppl had gone for it. Hope the next outing more ppl ba.

This post going to be long...!! so bear with it and read on.
But first i want to sae is WEILING IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!! She ps dummiie and dumb@ss.
Called dar. no answered. wonder where hes gone.

Meet them at 12pm. i was the first to reach. =). mich and me stole cherie's money from her hands that jiang mama had just returned the money. She didn't take back until we told her when buying the nachos and drink.
Watching Open Season at 3pm. We slacked by playing the "finding the different" machine at the arcade while jiang mama,cherie,choong han went to foodcourt to eat. We got 9th and 10th place. After that, mich want to drink passion fruit red tea. So, we three accompany her to CS de sweet talk. I bought honey red tea, weiying bought honeydew red tea. Quite nice.

Went back to TM to find them. Crapping with them. =) It was funny.
Jiang mama asked me: "ni de pin shen leh?"
me:"bu zhi dao leh."
mich:"ta shi zong le."
me:"dui loh, jiang mama ni mei you kan xin wen ar? you bo leh."
mich:"dui loh, lao shi mei kan xin wen. yi jin bo le 1 month."
Jiang mama asked weiying,cherie,choong han and yi chong the Q again.
they:"bu zhi dao."
me and mich:"ni men mei you kan xin wen de. wo men hen guai, you kan de."
All laugh until siao, choong han seems to be laughing to cry.
me:"Im the kai xin guo here." =)
**sorriie dar. din realli wanna sae u missing de. hope u dun mind. but where have u gone?? hp nv on, home no one nv ans. =( whr are u??

They bully me!! =( keep saying me.
Played finding the different again. It coop us two tokens of the same machine. =( But we DID improved ya. The highest is 6th. Jiang mama they all went to best denki to buy something. Left we four again. Went to mini toons as mich want to buy octopus for her sis as christmas present. There's a promotion say buy 4 get 1 free. So, we each buy 1. The free one shall give jiang mama. But she dun believe is free de. IS really free de!! In the end, she took it. My pig at mich there! forget to bring back. sob sob.
Watched the Open Season. It's a recommanded movie and was funny. I like the porcupine and the elliot,the one who lost his two antler in the end. The most ke lian is the rabbit. Summary, the movie is based on humour. Its worth it to watch it. =)

Jiang mama sae dun wan to talk to me. =(
me:"Jiang mama, wei shen me bu yao gen me shuo hua?"
jiang mama:"yin wei ni huai dan!"
me:"na wei shen me hai gen wo shuo hua??"
jiang mama give me the look. But she still talks to me in the end! =)

Went to CS de sabawang to see disc and to wait for pamm to come then singyee. Went to eat at the 4th floor of the TM. Forgot the shop name le. Ate bread and crapping again about the xin wen. Saying dinner is at pizza hut, forget when is the last time i went in, it seems long long years ago. Took neoprints at CS. First time taking neoprints with lao shi. It looks nice. =) Back to TM again for dinner at pizza hut!!! yea!
Jiang mama keep giving choong han pizza!! He ate lots. I wonder how my english pass de. See the following sentences and you will noe it.
jiang mama wanted to see whether have dessert anot. But we dun wan let her see cause she will pay more. But in the end, still ordered. Jiang mama keep treatened me that she will tell the form cher in charge of 3e4 about me.
jiang mama:"gei wo kan you shen me dian xin."
we:"bu yao."
me:"hao la hao la. gei ni kan."
jiang mama:"na li shi dian xin."
me:"(pointing to the word)zhe li xie desert."
ALL BLAST OUT OF LAUGHTER. Im so malu(bu hao yi shi,no face). I noe u all will laugh de. laugh more later drop teeth.

aniwae, ate till 8plus. THANX JIANG MAMA!!! Calling mum weather she got buy my handphone ma but she didn't so i asked her to help me buy cause today is the last dae of the promotion. Mich keep disturb me by saying dun buy dun buy. Then me talked half way jiu bu xiao xin end the call cause mich distracting me!! BADDY MICHELLE!!! Half way going home, mum called and asked isit the $198 de? i sae ya u buying for me ar? Then she hang le. Though still got chance of having new phone, but when i returned home. Nope, she din buy for me. =(

To weiling: told u to come. u dunwan. got alot of foods to eat. =)

Went home and here im blogging.

[ evon ]
pls dun shattered my dreams and heart into pieces.
maybe time will patch them back. hope so.
*whr u dar??

Evon's xD