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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006 5:30 PM

woke up at 11 plus..
break record le..

went out to 800+ to eat..
sat car drove by my kor.
omg... dunno he noe how to drive anot....
scared sia.. cause he first time driving after he had his license.
the car rented from my aunty.

his driving quite good as a begginner.
hahax.. but the problem is he dunno the route of his destination.
funny ritex..

i tink i got worsen stm.
i keep telling myself to blog about something.
but when i come back.. i forgot everything!!

my mum went buy 4D ma..
on the way.. i saw this cute little phrase
it said:" u break u buy. 1 break 1 cry."
so funny loh.

mum is so biase(tink spell wrong ba). now, i dun lyk her even more le.
y she lyk now care more about me??
i dun lyk her to care more about me cus i will not have more freedom.
At night, friends call me also cannot.. i want talk at night also cannot..
Can't i have some private conversation over the phone???
Then, kor talk at night is acceptable. Why me can't??
I was angry angry with her.
They can angry and shout at you.
I shout, you scold me and even want to beat me.
I help you do things, they never help you.
Once i never do, you scold me and lose your temper.
They never even help you do a housework once, you didn't scold them.

So what if they are boys, they are also human right??
Must we make a line in between boys and girls???
Not i want to complaint, but you can't posibility scold me for nothing.
I want this thingy, you don't want buy. That's it.
Kor want that, you buy for him. That's it.
everything u buy for them, didn't scold them, love them.
scold me, dun love me at all.

kor can play com.
me cannot.

I didn't really want to angry with you.
Cause i dunno how to angry.
But you make me sad and sad.
i really dunno wat to do...

~ [ evon ] ~
feeling sad.
yet want dreams to come true.

Evon's xD