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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006 6:19 PM

yesterdae night played maple with mich.. She was bad in jumping quest.. wakaka. Chat with dar, it seems long time nv chat le. Had a wonderful chat. i like this. =)

yesterdae dream of someone cutting my right tight and took out 3 thingy from it. Its disgusting. woke up cus was scared. Was out to meet joelle they all.. joelle want to buy books. So went in with her to pei her buy.. Saw dar, he was marching and he wore the barret damn funny. oh well,he didn't see me. Firdae gonna buy books with wei ling as it was the last dae to buy until 28 dec. hope hope hope.......

Back to the topic, waiting for weiying to be done from buying her books. I've been thinking lots and lots. Went 818 to play the playground, but something near thr got the thingy. Being once og the blindmice. Wanted to buy soft drinks but I DUNNO WHERE IS THE MAMASHOP.. Decided to follow the couple but awhile they disappeared.

Heard something i shouldn't hear ba?? Make me damn damn sad. Although i noe she/he is kidding, but its hurt, can't control.. Im not angry with her/him nor blaming, just feeling sad while walking back to the playground. Simply, I HATE *HIM[some may noe is who].
how can u sae you qing ren zhong cheng blah blah[shall not sae it,it will make me even sad-der]... I FEEL SO EXTRA wonder who can save me?? Pls dun let me feel so extra. i tink i shouldn't have sae it. But, when u sat beside me, he/she came sitting beside u. i feel so extra extra... Will this feelin leave me alone?? =x sad sad sad.

argh... Back to topic.. mich and pamm came find me.. crapping about my phone. oh well, i still not familar with it. Went safra to play pool, its my first time and last time ba?? oh oh well, didn't play as need wait long long time.. Maybe its fated(another thing).. So, its not my first time. pamm wanna go popular at tm to buy assignment books, well, walked there. din bought in the end. Bought some foods at B1 of tm. Then to NTUC to buy drinks, on the way out.
Heard someone sae:"so suay ar."
i turned back and see whos that. Its ET joshua.
me:"lols"(laughing all the way)
He dun even noe how to push a trolley!!

Stop at the pavilion there sat down and eat our chickens and squid. oh wells, whats the different between squids,sotong and octopus??? omg. I really really got donations phobia. Then there was this guy came to ask for donations. *copy from mich blog, as i lazy type. edited*

Guy: Hi, you all speak english right? I am from blah blah and I am blah blah or you can call me handsome. [ I was kinda stare at him while he sae hes handsome.]
Guy: asking for donations for this girl who have cancer and blind.
*showed us the pic*
Guy: can see right? I dont think that you are blind. Just kidding. Can you 3 donate $10 for this young girl, and dun estimate the $10 as it is their weekly allowance....
*stare at each other*
Guy: aiyo why I say $10 you all stare.
We: Cause we no money. Buy food till no money.
Guy: okay. Then why you all sit here and eat, later rain, go inside there and eat your food.
VOn: Now not raining mahs
*guy walks away*
Saw sam again. twice saw him.*its fated.*

Walked home. While walking, we crapping again.. FOR THE CRAPPINGS, VISIT MICHELLE BLANK AI QIN'S BLOG!!
We were talking about this asian games thingy.
Then mich sae: *She(shall not sae) break le...blah blah blah.
me: isit??
pamm: i dun like her.
mich and i: we also.
me: Then who u still dun like de?
pamm: i hate evon yo.
me: whos lai de??
mich: her name also not evon yo. The pronounciation is wrong luhhs[cause is youw]. nevermind, call her jia qi instead.
mich: lols. THEN YOU are PAMELA BLANK.
me: then you are MICHELLE BLANK.
Pamm is *yawning*
mich: no is- EVON BLANK JIA QI *yawns*
me: We are the blank family.

and here im back home and blog. =)

everyone is selfish in relationships. Not everyone has think of others people's feeling.

[ evon ]
its a happy yet sad day.
can we go on like this afternoon??

Evon's xD