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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006 11:33 PM

It rain again. I hate rain. hohoho, it was miracle. I cooked so called noodle ba. But the syrup taste weird wonder is it expire le ma Wells, went out to meet michelle. She gonna buy a new school shoe and i gonna rent VCD. wonder it will be nice?? Get to Cool house to get some bites. Bought fries and popcorn chicken. Call weiling out to play pool at safra. It rain again and this time is damn heavy. Actually, because of the rain, we were hesitate wonder want to go anot. But in the end, we walked there. =[ We were damn wet. Me and michelle de slippers got no friction le den we were like kept failing down. Is damn slippery!

Chiong to the toilet to get our hair dye. After that, went to third floor. Saw alot of ppl, so we din play. Went down to first floor, while waiting for the rain to get smaller, were thinking of things. Walked back again.=[ Wells, went to kfc to eat. There is reason for it. Grabbed from mich's blog*
Cause weiling says she is hungry.
Me: I name the places you can go eat. Coffee shop, cool house, a1, bluesea. but not open, mac, KFC.
Weiling: you two name from one to five then I chose one number, we go there eat.
So me and von discuss.
1- Mac
2- KFC
3- cool house
4- A1
5- Coffee shop.
So she chose 2. then she ask us what is 5. We say coffee shop. She told us that she actually wanted to chose that. So we ask her why chose 2 then. Guess what she say..
She said- Cause I too hungry [in chinese] then She chose 2. Cause hungry in chinese is e then she chose two and two in chinese is e also. Something like this. But is very stupid larhs. So she was very lame. Walked to KFC. Saw baoling and diana. Saw rebacca too.

Took bus home. [= Timetable is outt..=[ thats mean gonna go school soon. ]]]= Wells, e2 and e6 is worst. Got vanan and silva teaching them english. Saw jiang mama looks lyk gonna teach e4 chinese. Hope so but some make me blur.


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