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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Saturday, December 16, 2006 11:17 PM

its been 3 daes since i blog...was busy-ing mapling with michelle blank..

Thurs,14 dec
Went grandma house in the morning. Ah ma was quite ke lian,can't speak need to use mic to talk that i couldn't understand what she talking. Give her my blur blur face, sometimes just pretend to noe what she talking then ask my kor or others ppl around me what she talking to me. I slept at the chair/sofa while watching tv. It was embarassed loh. Went home and played com but mich not online so nv play maple. Waiting for her. Played till 2 plus. Went around the blogs to tag. lols. zzzzZZZZzzzz

Fri,15 dec
grats weiying and yi chong!! 3rd month le..=) zhu ni men hmmms... dunno what to sae.. peiseh.. Wells, bought books together with wei ling in the early morning.. Realise that none of the books given to me is not in use le, sad sad sad. The moment me and wei ling saw the pure sci[s] and math[s] books, we gonna faint. We cannot carry, cus its too heavy!! I so slow sia, stand beside guo qiang so long le then realise its him. lols.
We keep resting. Oh ya,sorrie to weiying guys for not going to play with u all. Wells, wei ling is good. She help me carry home my books with me. Using my com to flood ppl's blog. hahax, also wanna thanx her helping to find out the webbie. Soon, called mich out. Went to return and rent VCD, buy passion fruit red tea and cup noodles. Come my house to play MINI POOL and com games. Michelle was pro, keep K.O wei ling. wakaka. Will post the pics that mich took. Create new charac. DUMMIIE and DUMMIIEE in DEL WORLD. =)

Sat,16 dec [wells,its todae!!]
grats to michelle and sam!! 2nd month le. =) blah blah blah... erm.. went out with my mum and xiao kor kor.. kor keep bully me.. use my hp to play games then sae me dunno how to play.. Reached hou gang to makan. Went shopping with mum to look for ting huan ka pian for my so-call cousin? Quite lots of things to buy in hou gang mall, the mini toons was bigger than TM de. In the end went back to TM de Precious Thoughts to buy, but didn't buy card. Bought couple cups for them. I bought something that can draw for them. Haven start yet. Gonna give her tml. Wells, the engament of their is on mondae which is 18?! Waiting for michelle to come online. Hope mum let me play longer. dar is sleeping. zzzZZZZZZZzzzzzz wakkaka.

looking forward to everydae. )= (= -.- =x =0 :'(

[ evon ]
sooner..coming closer le..=)
hope hope hope..
dreams coming back..(=

Evon's xD