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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006 10:00 PM


ITS MERRY X`MAS EVE!! and its raining the whole day??!!! aniwae, its 2 more hours to MERRY X`MAS! wells, gonna wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

actually, i din really celebrate christmas in my life de. But, i wan present!! lol. im so fall in love with present. =) wells, michelle had gone for malaysia. She is baddy, sae dunwan buy x`mas gift for me..=(

22 dec [fri]
went out with michelle to ikea and courts.. omg, we were like freezing to death. So guys, wear jeans and long sleeves when u going there and brought more money!! =) the foods there quite nice and expensive. We didn't even see a single soul we know de. It was surprising. Took pictures again. Gonna post it sooner or later.

23 dec[sat]
wells, it was a HAPPY dae!! i saw dar.=) lets get back to the early part first. morning, went for sch for some kind of alto sectional!? only 7 ppl came, ya u know, im late cus i overslept! So, im the last one to come. Half way saw bb de boys, i think they going gp ba. Or dunno where. Not in sch jiu dui le. maybe dar bluff me again, sae that dae going bowling??!! dunno is true or false. aiya, dun care, see him can le. =) After the so-called sectional, went kfc to have our lunch. Crapping alot with sharon and min ning. wells, went back home and played com till going down my house there de x`mas party. Didn't win anything in the lucky draw.
min ning was asking me to pei her to go 864 de x`mas party. Wells, before that, went gp to have a look. =) Saw dar! im so happy loh. Stupid min ning, keep scaring me. Cause we went to 2nd floor there to duo mi mi as they were at the 2nd floor ma. there place nv go before, it was BIG and scary. Wells, make me hot and scary. My face was burning hot. But can see dar jiu happy le.
min ning went over my house and crapping with my mum??!! hahas.
Song min ning go home as her sis was scolding her. Wishing her to have sweet dreams again. wakaka.

tml wonder can go out ma.. hope can ba. =) but i dun wan see him, really. Hope jiu jiu going. But i wan see dar.. haix.. wonder what is he doing now. haix

my heart was small and it can only have one person to stay and live inside.
the person is keith goh pin shen.
the only one i love so much.
the one i miss so much.
the one who is bhb but i like.

Evon's xD