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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Friday, January 05, 2007 11:57 AM

Yup. its firdae and choosen our class chair-meh. Actually, i being choosen by miss zaleha, one of the CMC, hohoho, but im a phy rap le. =) mrs quek has save me from CMC. Alan is our chair-meh. Shyahida is v-chair. Kok Soon is treasurer. Royston is Secretary. Wells, got this guy veri hao lian de loh. Keep asking chim chim Question and talk chim words. omg luh, hes sitting infront of me! miss zaleha has change our place. I sat beside herman and sean, infront of chang hui, behind *him, diagonal is kailin,hassina,izzati,howcher. I was bored to death there! There's super bored, no one to talk to!!!

Chemistry 3periods, can u imaging sitting on the seat for 3 periods?? I was funny, keep staring cher and listened till wan to close eyes. Emath next, mrs kho came in with mr tan. recess. phy 3 period next. i hate firdae. so many 3 periods de. =[[[[ eng next. mdm saleha is funny. keep sae-ing fuck and fcuk. The different between them.

Went choir after that. Before that, went crapping with kai wei, weiying and min ning. sae-ing i gao dar. Then, kaiwei become dar's lawyer, weiying's mine lawyer, min ning de judge. Went up to i-hub, crapping with kaiwei again. [[[= Choir has no cher todae. i was thinking that why ms tan haven change yet all cca de i/c cher had change. Praticing songs for cca fair. CCA FAIR IS ON 13 JAN. Its gonna be fast. orh ya, MIN NING IS PERVERT!! she go pull my skirt up. =[[[[ hais. Saw dar and choon kiat. [[[= damn funny.

Ate fries,nuggets,hashbrowns,passion fruit red tea and honeydew blah blah with kai wei and min ning at cool house. Shermeen coming, talked alot. We were funny.

Mdm fazuia[spell wrong le] paised me and kaiwei are GOOD girls! Jiang mama paised us too. min ning paised us three. =]]]] We are GOOD girls.

to michelle/wy: CHEER UP!! Dun make me worry you two. Happy always. Anything can sae out, dun keep in your heart. see-ing you sad, my heart will pain once. so smile. =]] xiao yi xiao she me dou ke yi tong guo!

maybe maybe maybe. cheer up ba.

Evon's xD