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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007 9:21 PM

I dunno what happened to me nowadays. Maybe because of school or rather sae is about ahem. Going to get more headache if only i can drink the potion that will make ones memories be gone. i REALLY need that potion. Someone please give me! orh, no more craps for me. hais. its better be one to suffer than two. von~ please please stop your thinking!!~ *smelling vinegar.*

todae im LATE! and i went in the bomb shelter as u all know that recovery room had gone or rather to be said its move its leg to the bomb shelter. Wells, im the 2nd to be late. Before that, saw kai wei in the bus waving at me. I thought who is that crazy girl who waved at me, think think think. =x Lucky i got kai wei to pei me late, if not i scare till faint. We both were scare. Lucky its chinese, we not that scare anyway. Do gong han and kai wei was a HUMAN DICTIONARY. Then, English is next. mdm saleha is funny at the end and make me feel like sleeping at the beginning. She was teaching us how to pronounce the word "buttock" and others words end with "tock". Then, mdm saleha asked gerald to pronounce the word "buttock". She heard it as "Butt Talks". =]]] Maybe its sec 3 and i feel sleeping thoughout hist lessons.

i really regret of choosing 3e4. I think i can't cope with amath and two pure sci. Cause i get no balls of it. =[[ But i do like this class, or maybe not. i think i will have to drop amath sooner or later. Too much stress for me.

Chem went to lab. Wells, jia cheng and dunno who de experiment is nice. They got the crystal! It was nice loh.

Heard something. After that, went back to class. Took physic book to read at home. Gather at e6 class. And thats when hui ji and wei ling raped me!! =[[[[ *smelling vinegar*
kaiwei and me din go for choir. And we were like hiding from ying qi they all. Run and hide like siao. Finally. =]] erm. went to fp with hui ji and wei ling to eat. Order french fries,chicken rice and lemon chicken rice. Wei ling do her hw. Act hardworking nia. Saw the new handbook. It was nice. Got amos,sam,honghoon,huili de photo inside. Saw the calender. OMG luh. they put sec 1 camp is on 23,24,25 march. I was like wth luh. And im going to celebrate my b`dae in camp?? But i think that one wrong de. If not, i faint.

Went home and its raining monkeys and elephant. Walked in the rain. Feel like crying. i dun like them. =[[ when they talking to you. i feel so scare. scare.

will we be like last time??
how i wish can.
maybe thinking of giving up.

Evon's xD