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N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007 8:37 PM

i went to school!

lols, like i never go school like that. on the way to school, keep coughing and running nose. wells, in school was worse, cough until lung vomitting out.

was in no mood talking to them. peiseh. anyway, mdm saleha ask us copy those questions, why doesn't she photocopy for us?? Mr. tan was funny. nobody kind of nv listen to him den he teach 1 question for almost 1 hour?? Next is recess, wth in priscilia's mind. keep asking the question around. sorrie to shermeen and wei ling. i really really dun feel like eating cus in no mood luh. sorrie.

I hold back my tears, trying not to be seen. i really feel sad and terrible sad.

was physic next, and i try my best to listen but still can't. test is gonna coming and i haven prepare yet. History time. We actually went up to i-hub but it cannot be used so went back to class and our thingy. And here's come a fire alarm. We all thought that it was an announced fire drill. Then 4e5's teacher, Mrs Ramos was shouting, 'Please come out quickly unless you want to die'. Me and weiling was kind of sae-ing we dun wan die and ran back to class. me, chang hui and alan going be billion-air[spell wrong]?? ms ross was talking about the compasion[spelling error] to the war thingy. So cher wrote bound6.6 million = about $3900 + billion. We were like thinking how we were to do with the money. So we sae, buy a house in every country. THen, the school to become casino and arcade. Then donate 1 million to charity. So funny luh. The whole history time was talking about this.
Proceeded with social studies and did really listened to what cher was teaching as i was busy-ing coughing. =[[

Day was ended with miss zaleha. PC lessons. Was discussing about our classroom. I suggest something and gonna put out on walls. woots. can't tell what it is. shhh. =x
duo jie is funny. carry shermeen bag around and sae fashion show?

went to kfc to eat my breakfast + lunch? And shermeen was damn malu. see her blog to know more.

i really really hate you.
holding back my tears whenever see-ing you with ...
maybe we ain't so fated?? i really dunno.
ur image keep flashing through mine mind every time every dae.
when i heard that u have fun with .. i was jealous. it can't be control.
holding back my tears and din want to see u.
its not ur fault, its my feeling that troubles me.
the coldness u gave me. i was damn sad.
maybe i should let off my hands??
maybe u should tell me how am i suppose to do??
i dun wan u to sad just tat its hard to talk to u in sch.

Evon's xD