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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Friday, January 12, 2007 10:35 PM


Todae never late. woots. Pass uniform to michelle and ask her to pass to bao. =]] I hate firdae!! Cause got 3 periods of physic and 3 periods of chemistry. I feel so sleepy during chemistry and i dun even understand a single thingy. omg! von~u must study study hard hard hard le. Jia you-you can do it!! Physic still understood-able. emath got quiz and i didn't know how to do the bouns question! I love english cause its the funniest subjects of all. We asked miss zaleha the words that mdm saleha asked us to. And mdm saleha told us that miss zaleha told her. -.-

Wells. morning got bb[boys` bridges] de ceremony at the hall. wow, jc got 12 badges! wonder dar got how many. Got this guy, talk the speech not clear and we don't even know what hes talking about. After school, all cca is preparing all their poster for tml CCA FAIR. It's look grand and exciting?? i hope tml got surprise ba or maybe don't even have. hais.

Went home and straight away go tuition. I was late but not the lastest as there is one more late than me. And guess what?? Im the first to go home. =]] And it was cold in there cause they give me the seat was right under the air-con. And i just bath luh. Bought Spring` O and sotong head. Took bus 72 home. While waiting, saw a familar face in the bus 69 walking back to the bus. It was jun quan luh. I was kinda stare at him and smile luh.

My list to do by the end of this year.
- M2 memory card $128
- Wei xiao pasta 1 & 2 $46.90
- Er zuo ju zi wen [not sure de price, forget to see]
- New wallet [not sure which type to buy]
- New spect [not more than $120]

VCD that i watched and want to watch.
- My Girl. [ watched its a korean show. Nice]
- Magic of Ring. [watched. It was nice!]
- Tian guo de jia yi. [watched. I cried.]
- Xing Ping Guo Le Yuan. [watched. i cried too.]
- Wang zi bian qing wa. [watched. got the vcd. think i cried too.]
- Er mo zai shen bian. [watched. funny]
- Ai Qing mo fa shi. [watched. cried? nice!]
- Zhen ming tian shi. [watched. Got the VCD. nice.]
- Mr. Fighting. [Watched. Got the VCD. cried.]
- Ai Sha 17. [Watched. Mysteries.]
- Wo men jie huan ba. [Watched. lame.]
- Tokyo Juliet. [watching.]
- Zhong ji yi ban. [watching.]
- Wei xiao pasta. [haven watch. going to buy.]
- Er zuo ju zhi wen. [haven watch. buying too.]

Wells, forget some. Will try to update when i remember. =]]]]

ni bian le.
ni bu shi wo chong qian ren shi de ni.
you ke nen wo hui gen ni shuo........
bei hen wo.
i really love you lots.
But u have change, and i dunno who you.
bian de wo bu ren shi ni le.
wo zhen de hen hen ni, ye hen xi huan ni.
wo bu zhi dao what to do.
maybe you teach me how??

Evon's xD