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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007 8:06 PM

maybe its my fault ba, i shouldn't have help at first and things won't get to now. I have a bad feeling that its really really my fault. Maybe if i didn't, things will not be now. Even though, i never hear it from you, i have the kind of feeling that it a bad bad bad news. The feeling no one will ever know. I can't do anything and i had to just hoping you to get back the happiness you want. But i have no comments to you, as you just want to keep in your heart. It hurts when you keep in your heart, maybe saying out will be better for you. hais, i guess i won't ask you again anything, if you want say out, you will say out one day.

Wells, 2nd dae of school start. I really really want to stay at 2e3`06 forever and ever. But somehow we need to go on even if we didn't want it. Its a terrible horrible school daes i ever had todae or maybe this whole year. I feel like quiting school. really. today in class, i was not in my mood and everything get messed up. Chinese is not jiang mama is zhang lao shi. The first time i had a male chinese cher. Not getting use to it, feel like sleeping. Went to check every class with kai wei. No sign of jiang mama. TAKE CARE JIANG MAMA OF YOUR LEG!

Recess was crappy. Want to say thanx to kai wei for helping me! THANX MY DARLING, KAI WEI! Wells, Mdm saleha is funny. History is crazy and mad. Amath was confused and mad, cher is boring. =x Emath no comments. Chemistry was interesting and fun.

im gonna get a screen protector for my baobeiix cellphone*!
*note handphone is call cellphone not handphone.

Mdm saleha wrote NO CELLPHONE IS ALLOWED on the whiteboard.
She: i know now still got headphone, earphone, shoulderphone, handphone, kneephone, toephone.
is this ridiculas[spelling error]??

Headache is coming back. Tears were going to drop if i cannot take it anymore.


Evon's xD