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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007 9:03 PM



dar sick too. must take care wors. everytime i sick u sick too. =[[ Got flu yesterdae and big monkey headache and sorethroat and abit fever this morning when going school. I think is cherie pass to me de. she so bad. Wells, got home and tell mum. guess what she sae?? she sick too. =[[ Did i pass to her and dar too?

hui ji cried due to the loo loo luh. She got tack in shirt sia. Then, the cher go pull out and sae she never tack in. you think u what arh, scold until student cried. you not a good cher. todae still got PE luh. Before PE, miss zaleha scold us due to the changing of place. =.- But i still play PE. maybe i want to make me even worse?? =]] do skipping and floorball. injured my hand by kiat wee. =[[ PAIN~~ recess time and never eat anything. kinda miss you.

So went back class, english lesson. And chang hui tio malu. =.- wells, amath next. teng nv come and arnita came and teach. Kanna scolded by her cus we the batch went toilet without permission. 18 of us. my head too pain le, going to faint like that luh.

next is chinese and cher go 3e6 classroom dunno go there for what luh. Then, lunch and went down eat, took tablet from michelle. thanx. =]] somehow, returning to classroom, everyone was looking at the grass pouch there. THen i was curious ma, so see what happen luh. Got beehive.

wells, got this malay so funny. got this guy use the stone and throw it at the bees. He ran up, and this malay guy went up and the bees go find him and his reaction damn funny luh. hahas. Emath next and nobody is listening to him? my group here is sort of showing their talents luh. Do this do that.

went choir although i sick, and i eat the medicine. Begining to feel so drowny, keep closing eyes. And i got sorethroat ma, i try to sing and i OFF PITCH luh. Can't get the high notes can only sing low notes. Something happened. I hate mr chaw, is like he never give zhan jie face de luh. everyones did mistake. And zhan jie's eyes teary teary. omg luh, i scare him cry sia. Do cheer up! =]]

home-ed and i slept till 7+. walked to the living room, was damn cold luh. Then, went down and bought dinner, although im sick i still go down buy. Cuase my stupid dad luh, dun want go and mum sickk. dunno whether going school tml ma. but i want see you and i dunno u coming school anot. got ace learning tml and i dunno i should go school ma. hais.

and i can't get ur love. =[[

Evon's xD