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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, February 05, 2007 6:34 PM


yesterdae did surprise my mum!!! wells, i was funny luh. Cus was waiting for my kor to come back and celebrate by eating the cake[i buy de] at nite. So i keep asking my mum "dun sleep leh, mammy." or "when u sleeping??" if not cannot wake her up after she sleep. my mum sae ask me dun ask kor buy cake le. Then, i tell her i never sae he buying cake ma. kor come home and went bath and mum in bed.
So, i go prepare the cake. And bring the cake to her room. She was kind of surprise and sing b`dae song to her. I can sae that my kor sang OUT OF PITCH!! =x wells, mum ask whr kor buy the cake. i was there laughing luh. then kor sae is me buy de. She ask me when did i buy it. hahas. yea!!! =]] and went zzzz...

went sch and i was nearly late again. went up the hall and got this hair check on boys. Lots of guys tio including joshua,gh, hc, duo jie, jia cheng, royston, derick and more.

they were missing the half day luh. so gd. Had chinese, do the informal letter. Followed by ss. and i can sae i will fail the test the next wed, which is valentine day. Recess, didn't eat luh. Went on with chem, did ions.
Was wondering how duo jie look like after he cut his hair. When he walked in, ppl was laughing out loud luh including me. HIS HAIR IS DAMN DAMN FUNNY CAN. the slope sux. And his fridge is weird but it makes him kind of special. IT FUNNY CAN.

Next which is emath. But before that, lots of ppl call me luh. dunno why. so went toilet and see. But they sae never call me so i dun care luh. Then went to class. got another call luh. -.= so ans in class. =x Its for my mum luh. and i remember yesterdae she divert all her call to my phone. =.-

amath lesson. And i think im going good at indices as it is very easy ba. Aniwae, cher return us the TEST PAPER. wells, 2 got full marks who is jia wei and kiat wee. I thought i will fail luh. But whos noe!? I got 19/20 leh. =]]] 1 MORE MARKS TO FULL MARKS LUH. omg luh. But very good le. hahas. the 2nd in class. =]]] got 1 person got 1 mark. *no offence*

lunch and louis came and ask me "u todae got a lot of ppl call u arh?"
me: "yup. why leh? and how you noe??"
he: "then got one 9 something then alot of 3 arh?"
me: "ya. i think got 1."
he: "thats my hp la. chang hui ask me call u de."

i was like duh. like that also fun arh. wei ling and me keep walking around as we dun wan go down with the others as they go eat. And i never eat again. =] So we walk to the toilet the walk one round to our class. Then, i saw lets go down 2nd floor to see. so went down, and walk walk. And walked up to 3rd floor again and back to our class. weiling followed ruwaida[spell correct ba] and to 3e6 thr. OMG luh. i and weiling said if we walk again, will mr silva scold?? Then we didn't care la, went up to 4th floor and back to our class again and saw them. =]

Went to phy lab with bags. Did the vernier calipers and micrometer gauge experiment. Miss zaleha was thr to help. And mrs quek keep calling her as MDM zaleha. =x we were like singing marriage song. =.-

And I forget to add on. todae pharse can sae as "u cut hair arh?" Alot of ppl ask luh. so aniwae, went library to do book review. Was see-ing the world guiness record. was disgusting luh.

aniwae, slack with amanda then went for the last 5 mins of eng. =]]
went up to look for dar. actually is looking forward to the food. JUST JOKING! and i realise that i haven eat from morning till now! and i feel im still full. =x im crazy.

i saw somthing la. *see no evil* [was kind of jealous her] wells, got foods. But i think not nice de. =x the another one quite nice but the cup thingy not nice de. =x went kfc to meet weiling,shermeen and sharon and to have my BREAKFAST+ HIGH TEA + LUNCH. =] shermeen was funny. =]

Went NTUC with huiji, weiling. hohoho. we gonna have our wish list out!!! watch out everyone. =x


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