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N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007 9:17 PM

wells wells wells....

Actually dun feel like waking up in the moring de, but mum keep calling me and she is late for her work. oppx. =.- actually is i call her to wake up de luh, then i went back sleep again. hahas.

went school and i tot i was late cus i saw no one when im on my way to school. Scare me! PE start the school of todae. OMG luh. *wash eyes* wells, actually its nothing de, cus i at home aslo see so many times le. =x saw jq change clothes in class. =x And we had to run 2.8km luh that is equal to 4 rounds around the school. OMG luh. wells, keep running and stopping running and stopping. Anyone own cher 1 round.

recess did not eat anything la. just drink soya bean. Its normal for ppl to have 3 meals a day. And u guess what?? i got 1 meal a day nowadaes and thats my dinner!! i told kai wei about it. Even though i never eat breakfast and lunch, i dun feel hungry luh. REALLY!! she sae im NOT human. =[

eng. did filing. Followed by amath. i wonder cher isit going diie tml anot luh. She teach dao SO FAST luh!! hais. gonna fail. =.- TA coming.
Proceeded with chinese. did filing and watch channel news asia and compre. Lunch and slacking. i tot mr tan never come luh cus got 1 lady walk in and i scream like siao. =.- And its FAKE. tan got come and teach luh. kho ans all wrong de luh.

went choir. was malu luh. cus go in i greet cher ma. then sae "gd morning err. blah blah blah. is gd afternoon." ppl like looking at me luh. aniwae, sec 1s came. i was like why suddenly so many ppl luh.

I WAS CRAZY TODAE LA. knock my head against the table. *ouch* after choir, went to NTUC with kai wei, sharon, hui ji and min ning. song kaiwei to 293. then return to NTUC to look for sharon and min ning. Then saw dar and his BB de ppl. i was so malu and shy. *shy gal* =]]

went home and soo sooo tired. gonna sleep early. =]]


qin ren jie kuai dao le. =]]
wonder got surprise ma. hoppee sooo. [[=

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