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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007 9:35 PM

oh my GOD!

what happened to them. i dunno. And i think we were in two different worlds. Can you see that??

todae had chinese spelling and i got almost full marks luh. thanx to vanessa! wells, got history test and guess what? I saw weiling, jade, hc, kailin, min ning wrote almost 1 page luh. And i see my own paper and about half the page!!! Can you imagine a 13 marks question and the ans only half a page??!! And the end of test, miss ross said that she maybe will choose the person who have the highest and last yr de result of history, she will consider bringing him/her to GERMANY. wells, i think i won't be able to go. =[

But nevermind la, dun go only, who cares. next was amath, i never listen throughout the lessons. I guess i will fail the TA. Cher show us some grades of PSLE and the msg for us. And guess what? Im the only girl who got A for PSLE without jia wei cus she nv take PSLE so cannot count although cher put A. the msg for me is 3.

erm... got test on emath. i was confident luh. =] but i never do finish the q2. Ended with miss zaleha, she was kind of angry todae.

Went makan with michelle, min ning, sharon and hui ji. We so bad luh. Give all the coins, which about $5, to the cashier. Ate and went home. Ask min ning to treat us sweets. she bought and was divide to 3 portions. Me, herself and huiji. Homed and use com. Blogger got problem but i still can go in.

tuition with michelle was funny. i keep saying im smart but it is the FACT. can't blame. =] Went to popular and bought stationary. On the way, bought waffles. Took 293 home.

heard something had happened which im not really that sure luh. Gonna find out tml. And i haven do my homeworks. The worst is that tml got chem test luh. omg, i haven study yet. IM SO LAZY. having headache.

we live in different worlds. you had urs, i had mine. I have open mine but u never try or bother to walk in. trying to walk in urs, but it seems that there's someone in urs. Can i walk ever into urs?? you tell me how and u never try to ask me why. maybe we both are shy. will my dreams or hopes be alive?? can you take the first step cus u are ***/****?? i was scared. Really very scare. feeling to cut off my life or rather sleep forever. And troubles won't come find me. *xiao yi xiao zhen de ke yi du guo yi qie ma??*

will i be happy?
i think u suit them not me.
maybe u can tell me what u feeling now?
can we have no secrets between us?
just tell me how u feel please, i really do appeciate.

Evon's xD