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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007 3:04 AM


its now 3.05am. =] kekes. wells, just come back. =]

wells, should sae yesterdae morning went to school for the sec 1 camp thingy. wow, its look fun!!! and i awaiting for the moment. of cus, im gonna give the campers to have fun!!!

Then went to eat breakfast cum lunch with pris. laugh and chat alot. =] hahas. And maybe we both are jokers. =] then went home by bus, and no one is at home luh.

wait for the time to pass. meet sharon and shermeen to kiat wee hse. sharon act cute la. oppx! =x wells, went in and play er shi yi dian. opps. i dunno how much i win. but i noe i lost quite alot?? They sae i lost $11. but not tat much luh. wells, sher and sharr went home and left me there. well i wait for hui ji la. =] see i so good. =]]] she lost $20 plus. hahas. then played mahjong with no money cus we dunno how to play. erm. had pizza for dinner. thans alot la kiat wee.

And i dunno why my mum now so so good luh. i tot she won't let me go watch midnight movie de. But she let! omg luh. ai si ta le. xD hmm, so slack till 10 plus and went to find weiling. she pei us down and sent us to the mamashop. thans~! then me and hui ji want to walk to TM alone. THen the four guys keep following us even we dump them. oppx. =x Saw shaun actually is he saw me. hahas. then i smart la. walked from the stairs door in and up to GV. =]

wow, quite alot of ppl. wells, ken treated we two popcorn. And we sae we want the cheapest luh. i so guity liao. and thans ken. =] Went in and sit. =] THe show quite nice la called the 'GHOST RIDER'. maybe if u like violent de, you can go have a watch. =] stomach was acting up again during the middle of the show. Its terrible.

walked home. And was at this middle of the interchange. Got this MR BEAN poster. It SCARED ME! and i pointed at it. AND GUESS WHAT??!! KEN AND KIAT WEE TIO SCARED TOO!! they declined. wells, at this end of the interchange, i saw a GAY?? at first i tot is a gal then i closely look. ITS A MALE! wells, then i turned and turn again and tell kw to look at him.

When we turn the curve, i turned back. And i saw he like coming towards us. i was like sae "zhao, ta lai le"[he's coming!] wells, i did saw him come and ran? But they sae didn't. But we still ran asap. he so scary luh. kok soon, alan sae they saw a bicycle nia. And guess what? ITS MY FATHER LA. hahas. so funny luh. then i still walk with hui ji. and its 2.30am like tat. its the lastest i go home luh. hahas. and i sit my dad's bike home and left hui ji with alan, ken and kw. And i think my hand had a sprain. pain~!

homed and take a shower and here am blogged!! omg luh. later still got tuition. how??? going sleep le. =] gd night! oppx, should be gd morning everyone!! =]


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