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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Saturday, March 31, 2007 11:16 PM


just watch a movie with mummiie michelle. =D its mr bean holiday la. And u can see how hot de mr bean is?? 1 week le still the movie is selling fast. actually wanna go gv watch de but there selling so so fast from 5 plus until 9 plus de. Then went to CS to watch luh. Not alot of ppl there.

Then to KFC to eat our dinner. hahas. maybe i pass the laughing virus to michelle. we kept on laughing and laughing and laughing...... kw is so so kok eye luh. can't see the two pretty gals [me and michelle] =x. too bhb le!! hahas. wells, ks found us luh. funny la they two. Then we went separate ways to CS.. And michelle sae if we have fate we will see each other de. Just then at the escalator, we saw them. i can't see them luh is michelle tell me then i noe. funny.

Recently, i can't really hear clearly what ppl are saeing luh. haiss... erm.. saw pamm, and we watching the same movie and time luh!! but sadness not the same row. wells, went in and guess what??? we sit the first row luh!!!!! omg sia. we was like blaming each other. hahas. my first time sitting so front sia.

neck is so so pain. mr bean is funny, and so so sway and keep harming ppl luh. And the most funny is that he ate the whole prawn with the shell luh and he can just walk straight without feeling any danger luh.. hahas.

omg. I FALL DOWN WHILE PULLING KS LUH. sway.. then went CP to slack till 9 plus. wells, then home-d by bus. And gonna sleep soon. =D

i hate ppl lying.
i hate those ppl cut themselves. i think its stupid.

i love laughing and laughing and laughing.. =D

'nan ren bu huai, nu ren bu ai'.
why can' t be 'nu ren bu huai, nan ren bu ai'??

and promise means promise. =]

Evon's xD