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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Friday, March 16, 2007 10:14 AM


i have been slacking for so so long liao. went choir and was late. wells, because of my leg ma. hais. Seriously, i hate hate choir alot now. dunno why. just hate.

after choir, went slack with michelle till our tuition start. wells, saw weiling halfway. =] called her luh and we were at the cheers there crapping. =.-

bought cap noodles with michelle. So weiling went home and she is deaf de. call her no respond. So go to the minimart there sit and eat. =] the chairs there are so so pathetic luh. the thingy cracked out. And we were there figure out who's butt so powerful! lols. Then, wk came find us luh and did chit chat awhile. he funny la, he sae he going off. Then come back again. sot sia him. =.-

wells, we didn't go tuition luh. pon 2 times le. hais. im slacking too much le. =[ help me!!

then went to find my family. Then realise was treating my kor stead makan. hahas. then finally can sit the car they bought. To my disappointment, the car was small luh. oppx. =x hope kor never sees this post. hahas. But is the fact la, squeeze here squeeze there. erm... went home and com-ing and sleep. =]

later got choir too. hais. try not to be late again luh.

and i remember someone said before in chinese 'wang wang na xie biao mian kan qi lai hen kai xin de, wang wang na xin shi hen bei can de.'

what am i jealous about??
its over...... you know.
stop jealous, von!!!!
just feeling sad tired of everything.
And i just so confused.
maybe keeping in heart is better.
but its hurt lots.
no one can understand or maybe i can never understand them.
its make me so so jealous. why why???
maybe i do or maybe i dun.
Or maybe saeing out is better but how can i sae out from my mouth.
i really wan to give up.
But it dun give me a damn.
I hope the friend tell me is the truth.
i really do believe, but the someone..........
its just can't help it.

Evon's xD