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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, March 12, 2007 4:55 PM

yoyoyoyoyoyo. =]


wells, maybe todae post may be wordy. so lets start from the day 1.

erm, had debrief at ava room and put our things in there. mr j telling ur the things about what will happen todae luh. And i can sae that the FOOD SUX la. the 1st game they played is captains ball and human checkers. wells, i incharge of the captains ball. paired up with ron. hes a quite funny guy luh. Then is night trail. =] And i was at the 2nd floor, the 1st station. =] wells, the sec 1s is gonna cross under the tables with their eyes being blind-folded. i met this guy luh called ric. he keep spraying water using the water guns at us. then we were like sae-ing before the sec 1s is wet. we were wet dao like chicken in the rain. We keep pouring each other water luh. And from head to toes, i was wet. But i love it. [=
went bath and had debrief at 12am. i slept around 2 plus and woke up at 4am. 1 min and i sleep again till 5 plus.

wells, todae got initiative games and botanic garden hunt. Half the sec 1s go botanic garden and some stay at sch to play initiative games. erm. i was incharge of the 'crossroad'. it is 2 bench put together and is so-called electric bench and the floor is electirc too. So they had to cross under the bench to get over to the opp side. And the clue is using rubber material. So funny luh These sec 1s is cute and funny but is damn quiet de. Got this group had no cooperation de. i keep telling them and they dun care luh. aiya, next they had
field cooking. And we the CLs were slacking. then next group come back and had their games in the afternoon. Quite fun luh. Stopped at 4 plus. And slack till 8pm, i can sae that is DAMN SIAN DE. i was there sleeping all day. hahas. =] the dinner was great cus of the CREAM PUFF [should be ice cream puff] so nice luh. [[=
its campfire time! take pics of the campfire. HAD 3 FIRE BALLS sia. so nice luh de fire. will post the pic up asap.
the INCREDIBLES win the campfire. Bathed and slacked till the debrief. meet new friends, rachel and the other gal forget le or rather i never asked her for her name. hahas. =x. erm... Took the camp tee. wells, quite nice ba. but i dun really like ba?? And help amos take the tee cus heard that he angry and i lazy to ask why. So help him take.

the last day of the camp. wore the camp tee. Had telematch. i was incharge of the 'human sedan water transport'.. i was sad not angry la. I was told to tell the sec1s who was at the station that they must hold on each other waist to make the sedan and not the elbow thr. cus of the safety. Then got this group. there was these 2 girls gonna carry this small size guy. And they hold on the elbow thr. And i told them must put on the waist if not the hole too big then the guy fall in how?? i told them but someone was telling me is correct. i was caring for his safety leh. and u tink i care anot if its not abt his safety. And he is in MY station and i got the rights to care more. i tell them and u tell them correct and ask them continue and inorge my words?? if he fall and injure how??
wells, ate the breakfast and went to the hall watched the sideshow and video of the campfire. =]
and homed.

singyee dropped her phone in the toilet while waiting for kailin. sad for her.

holidaes is here. =] But i seems to have no holidaes. cus sat to fri i going sch. and left sat and sun only. sad. =[

went sch todae to play games luh. meet kw at blk below. then saw weiling then went together and meet sharon. =] went to the hall and played floorball. the the 2nd round, i injured my leg or should be my knee.. i dunno how la. I think i go save the ball then had the crack from my knee. damn pain luh. now cannot straighten leg le. walk is difficult and run is impossible. =[

tired me

Evon's xD