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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007 4:57 PM


todae is a very tireddd day. woke up at 6.30am, went out meet sharon they all at central park. Then, on our way to Tampines Primary School.

Reached there, sat on the basketball court there to take attendance. Walked to the assemble place for the launch of the day by letting off the bunch of balloons. The balloons were nice with the sky. =D

Then, went to the respective place for the games. i played FLOORBALL, of cus. Was told to come back at 9.15am. Played the games they provided us.

Back-ed and slacked within the place. Matched with Tampines Secondary, they keep banging us. And got this girl bang me and my old injuries came back. ARGHHH. i hate it, damn pain, can't run so had to walk to snatch the ball for a time.

WOOTS. I SCORED THE FIRST GOAL!!!~~~ i was damn happy can. And i was like knee-ing down for the goal. =D I didn't know that they scored 1 point. So, is a draw with them.
Had a rest till the next match. So, min ning went pei ting to buy drinks. And i went to the toilet, as u noe, its a PRIMARY school. The sink damn short can, like in the drawfs[wrong spell] world. I had red-face.
Next matched with Springfield, and for the godness seek, they are floorballers. =.- They have trained before and of cus they used techniques. They won, they were pros can. Grants. And i had nice time snatching their balls. =x =]

Was a tiring battle with them. i keep sliding can, hurt my knees. =x Legs were terrible hard time to walk. =x TO;; sharon, vanessa, min ning and cherie, you guys all DID a great job!! CHEERS! =D

Aniwae, took photos before all the matched. =D Wells, after the whole competition finished, went down and leave sharon at the dunno where cus she captain ma. Then, we all went to Tampines Sec de canteen to have some drinks. They have SEVEN vending machine luh, one of them is snacks machine which had chocolates, tibits and some sweets. Was damn great and CHEAPER than our school can, then saw this stall was opened. So, we went to buy which cost $0.80 or $1.00. Was damn cheap can, and the food can be eaten full. =]

Can't our school had such service?? Have cheap stuff and more vending machine which are not spoiled??

Wells, went back to the assemble place to see sharon took the medals. Got 3rd. [= Took photos with the medals. =D CHEERS!
OPpx. I did a loonggg post, and the person who reading till now sure have patient de. =D Thanx for reading. =]

shall upload photos we took. =D Went tm after that. =] Left sharon and me. Was searching for someone present, its hard to find present for them. ARGHHH. nvm, i found two of them. =D tml shall go buy. =]
Bus-ed home. =D
After the launch,

Before the match,

After the whole thing,

My medal.

During TM with sharon,

"what i doing??"

"i gonna put this thingy in my mouth. wakakas."

"Hey! what are u doing?? Taking photos of me??!"

"I'm gonna have my revenge!!"

Saw this MUSHROOM,

damn cute rite??!

I want the super small- BLUE;; small - PINK;; medium- RED;; big big de- BLUE;; tortise big big one;;

im gonna buy all these BUT no money!! =[


Evon's xD