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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007 2:56 PM

9 dec 2007

Its HuiLi and Amos b`dae. Happy birthdae to them! =]

Meet Sean and louis for work, well, im not late is them. muuahahahas.
On the way there, saw Jeremy Zhang. lols.. Im sure I really can't take hot stuff. And i had to exchange shermeen's white rice with red rice[chilli]. hahas..

And we even queue up to take balloon. hahas.. Its Bear-looking balloon.. I took the green one and shermeen took the white one. And its kinda sad, cus my bear burst, and it left with a head while shermeen's still fine. hahas.. Later in the night, one of its ear become small. =.= LOL! And even worst, it being KILLED by the murderer KOK SOON!

The missing part of the green bear. =[

It left with a head and one ear. =[

I never take down the scene where it being murdered. Sad. Wells, it keep raining nowadaes, so we came with no business. And we are not able to work on Monday and Tuesday. So, im the least money to earn. hais.. Kinda sad. Now im available to work, in another word, im JOBLESS. LOL. And im looking for jobs. =]
Aniwae, we came to concluesion that Singaporeans are really kiasu. When they is free gifts, everyone will go and snatch it. =.=
10 dec 2007

Went to take our pay. And im acutally not late can, i wait the bus like hell? And i seriously dunno why nowadaes the bus so slow like snail?? I can wait for 10 mins plus plus while last time only 2-4 mins.
Anyway im not the last, still got shermeen. hahas.. Kok soon can be real suay, cause he sat beside a old man, and he keep talking to him non-stop. hahahas. And shermeen and i keep laughing behind.
Rain quite heavily, and luckily sean and kok soon bought umbrella. Thanx. =] Honestly, with them, even if you sad, they can make you laugh. But sometimes can make you very angry??
MRT-ed down to Expo, as shermeen wants to see whether have BookFair anot. It seems nope. So MRT-ed down Changi Airport. As we need to wait for 10 mins, we decided to waste time. We wanna take the lift, however, it dun let us go up. LOL.
So we escalator-ed up. Left 6mins to go. So went to walk towards the lift see. And i sae, " later we walk back left 1 min to go." and i sae agian, " What if the lift cannot go down, then the people had to tap in and down the escalator and tap out?? "

Walked back and really left 1 min. LOL. Went Terminal 3, nothing special to see. Maybe wait till after 9 Jan 2008, then go see see. Skytrain-ed to Terminal 2, thought of visiting michelle's workplace. But din see her. And went to CoffeeBean and had a drink. Home-d. =]
And Shermeen have a new name, Jimmy. Thats what the person who heard her name wrong, wrote on the cover cup.

11 dec 2007

Actually today going HortPark with Shermeen to buy rose plant. But then, her sis is having fever so cannot go. Do take care, cherie. =] So never buy, but im gonna buy before CNY. Went TM. Tried some clothes, nice nice. =]
Gonna rent some shows to watch.

Just watched finish Gong Zhu Xiao Mei. XD
Not a good ending.

Don't leave your POO POO behind!

The Entrance of HortPark.

The blue "balloon" can't float up. LOL.

The man.


The place where toad croaking. LOL. Shermeen croaking there tooo!


Green. xD

Shermeen. =]

Baby cart. OH NO! the baby is a PLANT POT.

Time for milking!~

With diapper.
Changi Aiport. *skytrain towards T2.*

Evon's xD