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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

click click click! =D



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No song lyrics. Sorry.


Saturday, June 14, 2008 1:38 PM

Finally signed!! =D loved them forever. =]]

Took this while having lunch over at Hooters. =]

The queue was long lahh. =.=

Finally. =D woots. go in go in!! *the ppl behind us made me and Shermeen damn frightened that we might not be able to go in.* but we still went in in the end.

Im so blackie.


My first time went into a bar - Lunar. Its cool and wells, inside abit pervert. =x Making Shermeen looking at it. =X Just KIDDING. haas.

And now, im addicted back to 棒棒堂songs. Ohmytian, i still can't believe 棒棒堂 is in SINGAPORE. You know, they are in SINGAPORE!!! ohmy, i can't breathe!! ahhhhhhhh..
hope im not dreaming!
But when i saw them, it seems nothing excited to me. Idk.. Maybe cause i can't get to see them perform. =[ Only from the TV. Sad.. Its okie, still got the autograph sessions. =D WangZi daddy waves at me can. =D So woah.

Its 12 June 2008. And and i now declare my love to 敖犬 and 小傑. Ahhhh. I LOVE YOU, 敖犬!!! 敖犬 is now officially evon's hubby. =DD lalalahs. And 小傑 is now officially evon's full-time boyfriend. =xx opps. am i too greedy??

lalalahs. During autograph session, i shaked hands with all 5 bbt - 小傑, 小煜, 阿緯, 敖犬, 威廉 except 王子. Hes too stress up i think, maybe its because his young, but its okie, my daddy is always the best, yeah? Dun stress! JiaYous!! lalalahs.
I really began to love more to 敖犬. Want to know why? read below. hahas. I was at the 2nd floor of the Lunar. So it was more space to let me watch the 6 bbt. Then 敖犬 was super duper free everytime i saw him, then he will make all kinds of funny faces, shuai and cute okie. So ohmy, made my heart goes to him. xD And 威廉 doesn't look like him in the TV shows - more shuai in real life. =D Saw andy哥, hes kind of man. hahas..

In Conclusion, I love 王子daddy, 敖犬hubby and 小傑bf. And of cause, the 6 棒棒堂. I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU GUYS!!! And and WE ARE SING 棒棒堂 FANS. 你们要加油喔! I will be in taiwan the next few years. =D And and hope they come back again to Singapore. =D And i have the urge to join FC.

The OnionRings from Macdonald. So big uh.
Jade drew it. Cute uh.
Shermeen's office. =XX lalalahs. come catch me. =D

The FerrisWheel at Ehub!.
Got sunburnt after playing Bball. Black uhh. Can see the slippers' strips.

Evon's xD