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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, August 25, 2008 8:52 PM

Well, yesterday was FUN. And i meant it! It IS fun!! =D Bowling with lots lots of people - some im not sure about it. Wells, my group is HD4. There's HD1 to HD5. Cool uh!! And i get to know more people and of cause get to know more about my current friends. hhaa! My group consists of Amos, Jonas, Sam, Jervyn, HuiJi, Pamela, ChinSiang, Jasmine, YunQian[aka Shermaine], JieNi, Junior, JingChee, Weide, Dan, chorhiang?, YiLing, YiTing, SiMin, Daryl?, CY, YiSheng, Dorkeles?, Kristine, Joleen?, Roger, Ken, GuoYan, the cell group leader - ?? , Samson. Im sorry if i forgotten your name. =X

It is raining and had ran a short distance without shelter. So, me and huiji was VERY wet. Found a place with shelter. Wells, had some interaction between them. Played Concentration, Chakee? and the googles. Its fun and it seems that Jonas is kind of suay. Keep having punishment. haha. Then CY and Jonas had to take each other as a pole and dance pole-dancing!!! FUNNY luh! hahas.

After some refreshments, we strolled under the rain again to the Mount Faber Safra. And Jeremy was infront of me and huiji, and he was like walked another way to the basement stairs. I was like where is he going while others is walking another way. And before i asked, Amos shouted to him! He was like what happened? hahas. And he has a quick reaction, din fall badly. And the guy is inside eating saw it and was stunned! LOL. I was laughing at his expression. Okie, im so bad lahh. =X

Next, 6pm. Got our shirts and went into the bowling centre. Cool, it was DAMN cold! I got 2 strike and Spare in the 1st game. =D And idk what happened, i need to have a four feet because the score 80. But din in the end. XD
2nd set, I was not in good condition? No Strike, but have Spare. hahas. Keep getting low marks. Im so sorry. Ohya, my team consists of HuiJi, Me, Sam and Jonas. And i can say Jonas is hiong one. Can spin the bowling ball until hand bleed. Scarely lah! But it is fun.

Amos really reallly very lols! He showed us how he bowled last time using that method. hahas. Gave Jervyn his belated birthday present! And he actually used 5 minutes plus to umwrap the present! And Amos used 4 hrs to wrap it! Ohmy, how sweet. The present is a Men's undergarment! hahas! I had the whole process of the thing. But last part is being cut off as my phone can't take more videos. =X hahas.

Then had presentation, went homed. Took 131 to a certain bus-stop and Huiji went to take MRT alone with the rest of the people and we took 10 back to Tampines. Its A LONG LONG JOURNEY. And thanks SamSon for the Jacket! If not i will be freeze to death. =X Alighted the bus and my jaws keep ... erm.. how to say. Like shaking? hahas. It is cold.

Amos cabbed taxi with Jervyn, GuoYan and me. And i was sitting in between the two boys. And really thanks to Amos for the ride, and dun waste money again. I owe you this time round.

Jervyn and two other persons' cake. =D

KaiWei's present. =D Chip And Dale is loved!

Today, after school went TM for class-tee thingy. Finally, it has been finalised. =D Cool. And Teacher's day is next and Prelims! Ohmy..... ahhhh... JiaYou Evon. XD

I LOVE MONEY!!! =D Money is LOVED!!! XD

Evon's xD