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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Friday, August 29, 2008 11:37 PM

FIRSTLY, HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY TO EVERY TEACHERS ON EARTH! [especially Mr. KennethChaw, i miss you so muchh!]

And of cause, Celebrating JunQuan and Ruwaida's Birthday in advance! =D HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
And and im so happy in the end cause i took alot of photos! hahha. And got GuangSheng as i mentioned he's my new friend. =D He's shuai! =X

Went around the school with JiangMama's bearbear! =D I miss the huggings!!! ahhhh. And i wonder what will JiangMama do to him? hahas. Must take good care of him okie, JiangMama! [if you are reading this post!] hahas.

And yah, Games with all the teachers which includes soccer, basketball and Captain's ball! All is about balll! =X hahas. And i didn't involve in any of them. So, slacked around and BigBreakfast arrived! Have cake and foods plus drinks! =D Cool uh! Presents tooo! That's so many.

Wells, Took alot of photos including Class Photos before the Concert. Finally uh. =D I love today can. Concert time. So high!!~~ And 4e4`08 will misss Li MAMA derh. =D At first, i didn't cry first, then the moment i saw Li mama cried, my tears burst out. =[[ I WILL MISS YOU DERH!
Ohya, Royston damn bad lahh. Anyhow beat me!!

Anyway, took photos also. =D And JiangMama turn! HOHOHO. Amos and Me damn evil lahhh. Amos took Jiangmama's umbrella, which i have borrowed from her a few days ago, to wrap many and many newspapers! LOL. She uses 6 mins plus plus to unwrapp. And congrats! Beaten Jervyn's time! ahahahas! And there's come the REAL present - the bearbear. =D
Photos tooo. =D

And i think i will miss them alot when i graduate! Ohmy..

And you know what!? We took pictures with many many people! Plus Mrs Oh - the Principal! hahas. Coool uh! =D CamWhore again while going to Macdonald and after tooo. =D Went to Play basketball and saw Mathew and Pearcesley- the San ba[38 in chinese]. PLayed together and matched! So cool and we won - Sharon, Evon, Pearcesley and DeGarld? lols.

And home sweet home! =D

Pictures in the next Post!

Evon's xD