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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

click click click! =D



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Saturday, November 15, 2008 1:25 AM


Actually i blogged already, but idk what happen. My entry gone!!! Thats goes off my time for sleeping as i need to retype again. =[[ I almost cry out cannn. awwwwww. But i still need to blog this out.. because THEY are my friends. =D

I GRADUATED! I walked on the red carpet with 4e4`08 plus other class. Its cool. Well, its been 4 years since i stepped into JunYuan Secondary School. I remember the first time i went to this School was so like so weird and scary. After all, its not that scary anymore. I was delighted to be posted to this school as YiHan and Sharon and me is in the same school.

2005. I was in this class - 1e6. It's a cool class okie... With the accompany of Miss Yuen. I misss the class so much cannn especially Madaline. I miss her.. =[[ Well, got to know DuoJie and JianHong first. They are the Jokers of the class, keeping the class with laughters. They sat infront of me. Cool eh. hahas. Know more with the rest - Gregory, JiaCheng, Cherie, SingYee, HuiRong, Stepharina, Chloe, YiWei, Sandy, Suhaimi and moreee.... I misss suhaimi's singing.. awww. He sang real nice can.. And we taught him how to sing Chinese Songs. hahahas. So cool.. I miss themm...

2006. I was posted to 2e3. It's a fun and enjoyable class! I LOVE THEM!! It was where i first have boyfriend. =D THanks for the everything. Well, this help me to bond more to WeiYing, YiChong, Keith, HuiJi, MinNing, HongHoon, Alan. I miss the time where we played blind mice, block catching and crappings.. =D Get to know Amos, Sam, Priscilia, Shermeen... Welll, the most most most two person i misss is Michelle and WeiLing. I miss the time we went Safra to play, went Pasir ris Park.. The time we caught under the rain... The time we crapp.. awwww. Loves them lotsss.

2007. Choosen 3e4 as my first choice and i get in. =D I won't regret of choosing this lovely class. xD The first person i knew was ChangHui as Miss Zaleha put me sitting beside him. I love suaning him and joking with him.. I really miss those times.. And KokSoon, YanZhi sitting behind us.. We have real fun there. They still help my pig and turtle to colour their butt with red ink, made it look like they have the 'period'. LOL. I miss the suaning from them tooo. Weirdo uh.. hahas. Well, I misss chatting with KiatWee. He's a great Pa. =D Louis was my HuangGongGong once but changed to a better name. hahas. =D I really miss the fun with them.. The MidNight movies.. The Chalets... So cool can... We have so much fun with each other.

2008. It was time to leave JunYuan after sitting our Major Exam - O level. 4e4 will always be in my heart. =D I love them lotss.. This two years with them was GREAT. really! Although we were not that bonded in 2007.. I can sense that our bond is getting stronger and stronger. Remember that time when JianXin and KiatWee are injured? We cared for them, not because we are classmates. Cause we were like a family. From Strangers, we became Classmates, then became Friends, and finally became FAMILY. We are one BIG family!! I love this class lotsss!
Cause this get me to bond more with my sisters or even girlfriends - Shermeen, Vanessa, Sharon, Cherie, KaiLin, KaiWei, WeiLing, Jade includes Priscilia and MinNing. Loves them lotssss.. =D

OhWell, Pictures explains what i wants to say. XD
Thanks HowCher for the Card. =D *I miss choir camp tooo!!*


Jiangmama and me

My girlfriends. =D

Seee.. im so socialable.. Took with i-dun-know-derh-ppl.

i will miss them!

Knew him from Sec1. He's cool and his dancing is awesome! =D

Im taller than ShaoHui!

i miss her!

9 years friends.

THe CEO of ChubbyClub - SeanKam.

My Shuaige. =D

We are bus-third.

My OBS friend. =D

Another Shuaige! the joker. =D

My great PA. =D


My HippoPa. =D

i dunno how long i know him. haha. =D

My Xiongbaobao. =D

My Fishmonger! =D

My Freak!

My PureBuddy! =D

Best girlfriend.. =D

My PaPa. =D

My IrfanMaMa. =D

My Alien.


My Creature and PIG!
i will miss them!!




Evon's xD