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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008 12:25 AM

As you saw the pictures above.. Had a outing with most biantais? OhWell...

Happy Birthday Ronney! =]]
Hope you enjoy your day, 17Dec2008, with us. xD

Celebrating Ronney's bday at Escape. This is the first celebration that BianTai had celebrated in other place. The previous always in CP Bball Court. Well, there's LeongWei, WeiSian, Priscilia, Vanessa and Shermeen.

Maybe sometimes i can read people's mind. lols. So random. OhWell, the first ride was the Flipper. I thought it would be fun, but not. Kinda dissapointed. GoKart is next. I can say its my first time sitting it cause everytime i came, is damn lots of people queueing up. So i gave up queue-ing. Yah, im the last. Kind of embarrass uh. =X Viking is next. I think we sat this most bah.. 5 times? according to Vanessa.

Next, Wet&Wild. I think im the first person, who sat at the front, is the most wet bah. As compared to others. Have the feeling that the boat will overturn because of someone.. Viking again i think.
Suddenly missed Panasonic. I think its the most fun part in Escape bah. Still remember that time my friend say he saw me nearly fly out. hahas.. Damn Fun can. Ohmytian.. Should reopen cause no matter what. I will play. =D

Back to topic. Went out for Lunch at EHub and off to beach to disgest. Played Truth or Dare. I was like so suay can? Kanna 4 times? I din know i tell the person that loud can.. =X They dare me to tell him 'Your Boxer very cute!' Lols! *he's wearing boxer, kind of transparent.*
Strolled back to Escape. Play viking again i think?? I wanted to go HauntedHouse, but seems like nobody wants. Played GoKart. Overall, its dangerous and scary!~ But it's fun lah!
End the rides with Flipper.

Bus-ed home. I have a lost of direction that day. Funny.. OhWell, something interesting when Vanessa and i took bus 293 from interchange. We jumped out of the queue for 2 times. LOL!
At night, this stupid ChangHui some sort of PrankCall me. I really being tricked by him lah. aiyah. Stupid~

Lunch with my Super Unnatural Mummy - Khairudin. His got alot of Personality. =X Well, he got his N level results on that day. Congrats. =D And Congrats JieNi for being the top student. She's damn pro. =]]
Asked MinNing out to TM walk walk as i dun want so early go home. hahas.. Chatted alot. How i wish i could ask individuals out everyday.

Actually din plan going out today. But well, WeiLing date me out~ hahahas. Super long never see her lehh... =D Before going out to meet her, i cleaned the fridge this morning. The whole fridge i mean! Pro right~ xD
Well, got this teenagers from YHope i think. Asked us to do a survey. We got it 3 times including yesterday. LOLS!

Tomorrow going out with most Ss Family. Christmas gathering~ And im gonna see HuiJi, Michelle.. Super long no see them le~ Miss them like hell. =X


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