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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, January 05, 2009 9:39 AM

Last week is a spending bomb to me. LOLS.. Kind of crazy luhh. Ohwell. Im regret not going out with my colleagues on last NewYear Eve. But but its nice to go out with ChangHui, Louis, JiaCheng and KokSoon. Its been so so long since i last sees them. And im not regret. =D

okie okie.. Let me start from NewYear Eve? hahas.

31dec2008 - 1Jan2009.

Went to meet the guys at Suntec. I think its my first time walking through the malls or rather Towers. hahas.. Almost lost my way to meet them cann. =X

Then went eat in SakaeSushi. I guess i will have a forbia towards sushi. =X Some fun things happened during the dinner. LOL. Shall not elaborate. =D Want to know, ask me.
I only know that day we keep walking and walking while waiting for KokSoon and Alan. Alan kinda cute in his uniform with the mask. LOLS.

It kinda of sad that Alan cannot join in with us for the countdown.. Saw WenSu when in the FoodCourt. And we went up to the rooftop to see FireWorks. Ohman.. the Fireworks was nice especially the combo one.. =D And and i saw alot of Feries.
I dun like to walk with them especially got KokSoon around. Made me walked damn fast. =.=

HappyNewYear!! LOL!


Went kbox with Priscilia, Shermeen and Vanessa. =D Think its my first time singing so many songs?? haha! i remember when i first time to Kbox, i dare not sing cause its all boys. LOLS.
Anyway, have fun with them!! =D Thanks girls!!
Went Bowling without Shermeen cause she had to go back before 4pm. I kinda deproving. =[ Ohman..

* i want go wildwildwet! *


Morning went meet the girls plus HanLin.. Wanted to eat KFC derh breakfast. And who knows didn't open. LOLS.
Went FDM's talk. Din expect so less people to attend. The room is cold can.. After the talk, some refreshment waiting for us.. LOLS..

I was playing with the Ebi while the who came to ask me; "Is this all your friends?" I was like why you ask me this question..
ohwell.. He thought im one of the students there. HAHAHA. Just because i wear their shirt. haha. Cute luh him...
Then HanLin told me not to shake the Ebi. =X Then i ate it.

Went Mac to eat.. And i took Taxi off with AhPong to work.


Something i know today.. After i know, i sian diao can. And sorry sorry sorry. Im not angry because you said out. You told me that i should be angry, if not weird. But i really not angry.. Is just that i can't find a reason for asking me the question. Ohwell.. im not angry.. So dun take it to heart. =D We are still friends. =]]] Just hope that he won't spread anymore.

Evon's xD