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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009 2:54 PM


As i said in the last post, im finally back from the Biantai's Chalet.. It's a 3D2N kind of thing. =D It's gonna be a long post. Well, shall start from the first day which is 16March2009..

Day 1

Meet up the Biantais at NTUC. But before that, meet up with WeiLing to help her.. Before meeting WeiLing, I baked cookies and doing the present for Pris on the eleveth hour. =X And I DID THEM ON TIME. Hmms. Well, bought Ice-cream cake - i din take a photo of that[sadded]. Waited for JiangMama to come and check-in for us. Im sorry JiangMama to paster you. And i din see wrong lor.. It's Jiangmama's car when i decided to go to the bus-stop to wait for her with Vanessa's accompany. But im not sure isit her, until she saw us and sent us into the chalet M[just a few metres from bus-stop to the chalet only lor]. Nevertheless, THANKS JIANGMAMA!!! =D

Baking the cookies. =]]

[While waiting for Jiangmama to come]

Put our stuffs down and played IceBreaker games. The forfeit is welll... LOL. No comments.. Then the guys called up the Pizza Hotline. It's LeongWei treat. Thanks! Ate IceCreamCake after the pizza. We went to the MasterBedroom for more games and of couse more forfeit.. And and the favourite phrase is 'Ahpong is DJ!' hahahs. Played Mahjong also i think?? Can't really recalled what we did after thatt.

I know what i did the last thing! Went home at around 11 plus with Vanessa, Pearcesley and Kiatwee? And i reached home at about 1215- 1230am? hahas.. Slept at around 1-2am..


Met up with the girls and bused down to Changi. =D The 5 guys actually cooked lunch for us. Thanks! The theme of the food is Potatoes. The lunch consists of Potato Salad, FishNChip, FrenchFries and Cream of Potato. It's nice even though i dun like to eat potatoes except frenchfries. But the FrenchFries they fried is abit too soggy le. =X Nevertheless, i appeciate their hardwork! =D 3 cheers for the 5 guys - Ronney, LeongWei, HanLin, WeiSian and AhPong!!

After lunch, played games again. And Ronney and co. planned the game called Photo Hunt. Im in Team B which HanLin is the leader, consist of WeiSian, Shermeen, Sharon, Pearcesley and me. =D Heard from Team A, they kanna chase out by the dogs from OCH. So, the pictures in OCH are cancelled. We left 1 picture which Ronney said is changed to Bouns Picture. We actually planned to take the picture from the paper and acted as if we took it already. BUT BUT WEISIAN FOUND IT AT THE LAST MINUTE WHEN WE SAW TEAM A. hahahahaha! So we won! =]]

Next is Water Games. =D Went over to the tennis court and played. =.= Was wet because i din catch the water bomb properly. Changed place to the yard infront of the door.. Saw them poured the water to each other so hiong can.. Ronney is damn wet. And i dun want to be so wet. So Ahpong and me was like hiding from them.. hahaha! Decided to help them refilled the water and saw Donkey inside the bathroom. And i picked up the shower head and sprayed at him. =X And of course, he wanna revenge. =.=! Ran out of the house and tadaa.. Donkey took the pail and splashed me and Ahpong also helped him to pour another pail. I looked up and another, who is Ronney, splashed at me. Then went into the bathroom and we all like playing inside there.. Was totally in fun. =]]

Ohya, in the middle of that, ShiJie came and be our photographer. =D BBQ next, again ShiJie helped out with setting up the fire and bbq-ing the foods. Thanks! Had Champange[it's nicer that the red wine]. hahas. Next is photograph session. =D LOVE THEM LOTSSS. THANKS for the funn! And i read from Vanessa's blog, i did have pillow fight with Sharon and Weisian. And i learn more about Mahjong from JianWei. Thanks! =]]

And during Midnight, we cooked maggiee. Yupp, i still like the seaweed maggie that Ahpong, Ronney and dunno who shared. It's nice! After that, HanLin was the first to turn in. hahas. Then followed by AhPong. I bet to Donkey and Ronney that they cannot ton till the next morning. And indeed they cannot. Next is WeiSian, then Ronney. And Donkey was kind enough to bring two beds for us. =D And he went to bed after that. The snoring from them is funnny. LOL!

Yups, left we three - Vanessa, Sharon and me. So, we were playing. Cause the light is off, so i switch on my phone's torchlight. We started playing off with the shadow. And making stories out of it. hahaaha! 'You jump, i jump'. I remembered we played Heart attack tooo. hahaha!

I forget what we did later. But i know, i played Kiss the Rain and Sharon slept after that. We two dunno what to do.. And i suggested to help them cover their blankets so they won't catch any colds. I think Donkey dunno how to use the blanket, so we used our blanket to cover him. And i was kicked by Ronney. =[ Next, Vanessa and i wondered around the house. And mosqitoes are biting me again, so we went to find lighter[it's at JianWei and ShiJie's room, thats why we couldn't find it.] to light up the coil. Ended up using the stove's fire. And it's drizzling outside. So we decided to move back to the room cause there's not much nice show[television]. Was feeling cold cause of the air-con and took our blanklet back from Donkey. =X Was listening to the guys snoring. And falll asleep till 7. Slept almost 1hr. hahas.


Had swiss roll and hotdogs for Breakfast. I din ate the Swiss roll. Games again, loser will have to drink the redwine. There Pris came to meet us and off to the Office. And off to the OCH. Finally..
But i dun like the dogs.. My curiosity has wake up and i know i will wants to go back if i have the chance. I still dun understand why OCH is closed down.

Headed to the beach. =D Threw the stones into the seawater. I can do two times.. Next, headed to CS to have lunch. Decided to play Basketball and off we go. =D I can shoot well today. But i still dun like HanLin's blocking me. And with Donkey and WeiSian sent us home.

FYI; On the way back, Sharon heard WeiSian said that my birthday party will be at OCH. LOL! And saying that the dog will be snatching the cake. We will be friend with the dogs plus can go there and no need scare of the dogs.

This post is indeed lonnggg..

And yups. Yesterday slept at 2am plus.. And today, i woke up at 1.30pm. =D hahahas. i broke my record cann. Cannot blame, too tired le..

And tomorrow is a busy day. =D
Going Jyss in the morning, lunched and off to TP, then do registration for Olevel. =D

p/s; About this coming tuesday.. If you guys can't make it, its alright. Can celebrate belated. =]] Just tell me whats the plan.
And and Ronney. I din put the PICTURE horrr. Seee im so good. xD

Evon's xD