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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, March 02, 2009 7:27 AM

OhWell.. Let me summarise all the things happened. =D

Friday, 27feb09.

Morning went gym-ing with WeiLing and Vanessa. =D Well, didn't do much as compared to the last session we did. Maybe cause we've muscle cramp. hahahs.

Then went home and out to meet Priscilia, WeiSian and Donkey. Yah. Im late again! Sorry. =[

Bused down to Bedok and meet the rest, Ronney, HanLin and Sharon. Walked to the dunno where to Kbox. =]] Its a fun thing to hear them singing. LOL! Shall not elaborate more. But hahaha! I only know Ronney keep out-of-pitch, then Donkey wanna sing Thai songs. HanLin sang Taximan. LOL!!!

My headache came back again, which i thought i've recovered, at the 2nd half of the session. It's like thousands of needles poking at your forehead. Thanks for the concern! =]]

About 7pm, we bused down to TP there. And walked towards the coffeeshop at block 825 or 824. Had out dinner there which included three more person which are Shermeen, Vanessa and Cherie. =D Ordered the food and started to pass around the food plate. LOLS. very funny.

Sharon was told to play a game which required her not to talk in 10 mins time. hahahs! And she failed! =X Went toilet with Vanessa and was thinking how to let her go back first without knowing im paying the bill. And it succeeded!!!! WOOTS.

And and i bluff them im actually treating them. But i din bring enough money. =X And those who know earlier DIN BRING ENOUGH MONEY!!! I saw Ronney's face like damn FUNNY lah!! But din manage to see HanLin's face. And i think if i see his face, i will laugh even more. =X Im so evill. =X But i told them i've paid already, they all like stunned and dun believed me! =[[
Anyway, that's my surprise for them lah! =D

Proceeded to GoldenPine - 2nd floor. Took Photos and played Forfeit. I've forfeited like continuous 4 times cann. And they so disgusting lah especially someone. lols.

Home sweet home!
And i've two Kor! =x

Sunday. 1March09.

Went gym with Vanessa. =D And saw WeiSian, LeongWei, Ronney and HanLin at the CP Bball Court first and came gym later. So funny can. The four guys damn gay can! =X oppps!

Then off to TM to have lunch and chit-chat. lols.. They Super horny lah especially ahem!! Guess yourself. hahahahas!
Before going home, played bball with them. =D So long din play le. hahahas.

And im did a stupid thing can! I go pour glue over my hand accidently!! =X The feeling is like disgusting lah! First is feeling hand are burning and im scared that my hand will join together! LOL! And next is some part of the hand are hard which covered by the glue. =.=

Later gonna checkup with Shermeen, Priscilia and WeiLing. =]]

Biantais. =D KiatWee and Pearcesley have MIA. =X

the Guys! =]

The white thingy is Glue. hahas. =D

Evon's xD