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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 10:46 PM

Guess what? My two classmates fight during lecture today. They went out and fight without getting the lecturer to know can. I actually saw guy A beating guy B so hard.. And we went out and stop the fight. I dun like guys to fight. That's kind of immature actions.

So i went in the middle and stop them. Just because of small things and they fight. Hey, thats not what i want to happen in class. Reminded me when is in Sec 3 or 4? The time louis and JianXin fight. Isn't ironic? They are friends now too. Just saw them hang out together. Cool right.

I hope both of them will cool down and be friends again. No more fights please, N902. =D 02 spirit right?!

Anyway, my throat seems to get better. =D But cough is still carry on.

Saw JunQuan just now! Its like ohmytian. Made me high, i dunno why also. Just got surprise when i saw him. And he saw my stunn face. =[

Everything is changing i think. The people, the surrounding. I don't know why am i feeling like this. I felt that biantai is getting further apart. Don't you think so? Everyone is doing their own things. Its not like a team anymore. That's why i don't like....

I found out 1 thing.. I tend to move away when i felt im extra. So when you see me moving away, meaning im feeling extra already. So yahs.. Aiyaa.. whatever lah. im feeling so sucks now..

Everything is getting in my way.. But i hope this is only temporary. And i hate missing any lessons now. It makes me feel so way back back. And tml is my first lessons to attend of all.

Im scared of tomorrow. =[ helpp~

Ohya.. i fall in love with LeongWei's book. That book is funny lah. Made me laugh like siao cause i was reading about 'the magic of laughters and smile'. Damn funny. =D I want lend the book from him.

Anyway, i started to like my class. But somehow things are not in the way.

Evon's xD