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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, April 06, 2009 11:23 PM

Yesterday was watching Connected. The 2 leads are Louis Koo and Da S. =D The show is exciting. Rated 4/5. Rented Coach Carter too. It's a basketball show. Rewatching~ I remembered its JiangMama who showed us when we're sec 2. Planning to lent Vanessa to watch it.

Hmms. This Morning. Sharon came my hse and we went off to Shermeen's hse to see MOCHA! She bite my toe~ Bad girl. hahas.. But she's cute! The way im playing the bone with her! Im missing her leee. =[

Anyway, went over to meet KaiLin after that. And off to PizzaHut. I CAN SAY THEIR SERVICE IS DAMN HORRIBLE!! TWICE ALREADY CANNN. AHHHHHH... Headed to FarEast. Oh, wait! Is Wisma first. =D
Then Priscilia and Ronney came to find us. And off to FarEast. Didn't have the mood to buy things even though i want some of the shirts. So yah.. Shermeen and Priscilia bought a dress each. Shermeen got tempted by us! =D KaiLin bought the most! hahahas.

Returned back to Tampines with Shermeen while the couple went to have dinner, Sharon dropped off at DoubyGhaut and KaiLin at Simei. Bused back..

im thinking alot.. sorry. guess i need more time to get use to it. Maybe i still yet to forget him. im sorry and i think you know im avoiding you or maybe not. i dunno. im tired of guessing. you made a promise to me. but you broke it. i just can't bear to be the odds. when i overheard the conversation of you all. you three are getting closer and im further. im not in your channel anymore. thats what im most disappointed now. maybe im not even at your channel at all. maybe if time can reverse, i rather not telling you guys who i like. maybe things won't get until like this. Things are done cannot be undone.

i hate the feeling you gave. i hate it. you just ignored me. maybe thats the best way to let me thinking you're good to me. but i just can't.

emo-ing is not what i like too. you think i want it? NO! i dun like. But it's the feeling you gave me lead to it.

Can you tell me why why why. why when im close to that person, you will find time to call them and chat with them??! i dunno why im having this feeling again. maybe im too sensitive. I know i know. I just can't believe the problems with him and you. do you think this love is last-long? i dunno. but i know those guys cannot be trusted. i dunno what you're thinking now. maybe im further from you guys. =[

maybe i need is time. so give me some time. i believe i will overcome it myself and find myself back. Just give me time. i want to cry out loud.

Evon's xD