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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, May 18, 2009 11:10 PM

Backk from a 2 days 2 nights camp - FDM! Im in gnolrous[i dunno how to spell, so paiseh]. And im in SPONGIE!! Under Alvin and Mogan. Din really bond with Alvin. So kinda of sad.. But anyway, Spongie rocks man! From last to first during amazing race with taggers - HuiLing and Wintern[spelled wrong]. =D Ohya. Nobody from 02 same group as me, and im super sad.

First night, had ice-breaker game. Ohman.. Sabo-ed by Mogan cause i sabo her by saying 'you also wearing black ehs.' during the game 'blow wind blow'. So she blowed those who is waering orange and im the only one who wore orange. LOL.
Did Mary Moon and xi shua shua, chicky dance and temasek song. Having fun with Terence, GuoWei and Kelene. =]

Then Spooky trial is next. I can say its way more better than 3rd anniversary one. Good Job! =D I did scared by Si kai and the dunno-who scream. I only know its a guy and say to WenChieh; 'whos the person beside you? She kanna scared by me.' So far, i only like the tunnel one. Its cool.

Had Mac for supper with Terence, Kent, Vanessa, Sharon and Rebecca. Din really sleep much..

Next morning, have bread and Orange Juice for breakfast. =] And biefing for Amazing Race. Waste money~~ hahas. But overall its funn cause my group from last to first! COOL right!?! The games... Ohman.. some is like totally failure - like the giant one.. Keep running and running. xD

Had mac again for dinner, was given own time own target until 10pm. Lastly, variety show by Kelvin. He damn cool. =D Kent very funny. Reid and Samantha! Xi shua shua. =]] And we dance the same dance again. Partner with terence this time. He super cute and we walked throughout the dance cause his leg is in pain. Bathed and slept early this time. But din manage to have a nice sleep as having nightmare. =[

3rd day! Bread and Milo to begin the day. Have final crash next. Mine group damn pathetic. But nevermind, have fun mah. xD After the camp, off to KFC with 02 and Hanlin..
i dun like the feeling lah. sorry that i gave the attitude.
And home sweet home!! Slept all the way from 6pm to 9pm plus. And dinner-ed and slept at 1plus again.

Today was a good day. Facom~ i dun really like this subject. But i like cads. =D Din manage to finish it but left only the two pathetic small door frame. hmms. Anyway, cheer up sharon! JiaYou for lab test!! Don't worry. =]]
Priscilia too! Don't think too muchh and give yourself goosebusters. CHEERSS EVERYONE!

aiyayaya.. i go do my rebus le. =D
i feel like doing a blog for 02. should i? but im lazy. hahahas


Evon's xD