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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Friday, May 22, 2009 11:54 PM


Okiess.. Kinda busy nowadays.. Working hard for my Rebus and Wrtoral.. Wish me good luck in both assignments! Hope i won't be shy during the presentation!! If not, im gonna touch my hair again. shagg...

Anyway, kinda sad nowadays too due to something. Shall elaborate later. Ohmy.. im like so emo now~~ Cannot cannot.. Cheeseeee.

Well, today im kind of crazy, high-ing in the morning. I dunno why also, maybe because of that weird guy and Terence. There was this weird guy when we were eating Macdonald's breakfast. He took a big big pile of tissues can. I told Joey, Terence and GuoWei. And straws for drinking hot tea??! And the most weird thingy he did was cutting the Egg Mcmuffin to eat! First, the egg then the bread. I keep laughing lah. =X oppsy~ But that's really very funny..

Strolled back to TP and meet up with Kent they all before going in the lecture room. We studied only 2 hours and off we go. =D Went to take our forms and off to CADS. YueMing is my student of the day. And i must try to be gentle in teaching~ =D

WOOTS. Finally played basketball. Thats a decade years since i last played. LOL. Just kidding. And I CAN STILL SHOT IN! And we tried what Kent taught. Cannot score lehh..

And If you want stalk me, go TP library tml afternoon. =D cheese.

Can i say this here?
anyway, this is what i think. Its rude, really very rude, to say secrets infront of friends especially those very close friends. And do you know how it feels when your friend told another friend yet you saw it but the friend didn't tell you the secret he/she shared between them?? Even if you need to say to him/her, can't you get to another place to talk about it? sucks..
bytheway, i felt left out. thats why i cried in the rebus lecture that time.. i just cant talk about it..

Evon's xD