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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009 11:59 AM


The time now is 12.22am, 3 June. And yups, i've changed the timing of this post cause i dun want to blog as 3rd june. So yah. =D

Anway, today having Facom test. The qns on Traps is a gone case for me. =[ The answers for the qns is like getting shorter lor. hahaha! But i think i can pass. Bless me.
Ohya. Yesterday is Math test. Well, my vector really gone. But i hope i can get Z for maths and cads. =D

And REBUS is next, on friday! Need to memorise alot~~ 7 chapters pluss the legal law. SIAN! Need to boost up on my memory. =]] Anyone want treat me Brands'?
And im so going to look forward to my holidays. MUAHAHAHAHHA.

After the test, went KFC with JianXin to find Louis, Alan and ZiYun. Then, Sean, HuiJi and Shermeen came. I dun like Shermeen cause she didn't hug me. =[ HMPH!!~ BIAS!!!! Anyway, Sean really... wahh!
Then went Subway with the girls while the guys went Lan to play. aiyoyoyo..

Shermeen went off first, i forget how she went off ehs. =X opps! Ohya... remembered! Left the three of us and we went to Library to study. But end up, asking alot of sensitive questions! LOLLL!
Anyway, im curious about the night thingy question. HAHAH.

From why do we have hairs on the head to why hairs only grow on some parts of the body. And why our bottock dun have hairs?? LOL! HuiJi.. ahem.. hahhaas. I can say we really very open. OPPS!

Ohya! This morning damn hilarious. Sharon and i ran for the bus 69! And Reid saw the whole process while i saw him in the bus while im running too. And i guessed the people in the bus saw it. Ohtian.. You know where we ran to where? there's a traffic light which the 69 will turn and towards the busstop at Blk 871 there. So, we ran from the traffic light to the busstop. But hey. We managed to catch the bus! =D
Ohya.. I heard my junior calling me; 'basketballer'. I heard that.But din respond to him. OPPS! Sorryy.

Awaiting for thursday night and friday after 1030. =D
Nothing in mind for the holidays yet. Anyone can book me. =D hahaha!

Someone told me; theres only 1 best friend but you can have alot of close friends. Is that true? I believe so. And i dun have best friend now. =] But i guess close friends i have a few. =]]

Evon's xD