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N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Saturday, September 05, 2009 12:26 AM

hehehe. MISS ME MAH?!

Almost a week since i last blog. Oh well. Kinda busy this week.

Friday, 28 August.

- Went have lunch with Niang, Vanessa, Sharon, AhPong, Ronney and HanLin at JustAsia.

- Having Camwhore there.

- Then went Pasir Ris Park and slack.

- Discuss about the Chalet thingy.

- Went to meet Kent and co. at the another side of the Park for Class Chalet.

- Saw a dead snake when sending off Sharon and Vanessa.

- Cycled and back for cooking maggie for the guys.

- Back home. =D

Saturday, 29 August.

- Went out in the morning to exchange my lappy to a new one with JiaCheng. Thanks! If not, need to run to Jurong.

- Lucky they have stock if not had to run to Toa Payoh. Siao hor.

- Counted lucky to have a new lappy. =D

- Went home and out to meet HuiJi for swimming. =D Tanned abit.

Sunday, 30 August.

I think i still at homed. =D

Monday, 31 August.

- Went JYSS for the Celebration of Teacher’s day in the morning with Biantai.

- Thought i wont be able to get in but can. Credits for Mr. Ng.

- The whole concert, i almost stay at the canteen can. Cause the Hall is too hot!

- Saw alot our batch de. They changed alot. hahas

- After the concert, off to KFC.

- Didn’t ate anything cause not enough money.

- Then went to HanLin’s house to slack.

- Homed after that i think.

Tuesday, 1 September.

- Meet Biantai at HanLin’s house. Saw Ahpong at the bus. So qiao

- All came. And off to Prime to buy stuffs.

- Back to HanLin’s house and off to Pasir ris.

- Raining heavily. So, we went to White Sands and bought our lunch and off to PR Inter.

- Off to Aranda Country Club. Settle down and 6 of us – Vanessa, AhPong, Ronney, Pearcesley, LeongWei and me went to NTUC for the rest of the stuffs while the couple stay and look after things.

- Also bought Kinder Joy. Over budget. =X

- Back to place where we first came. Then took pictures. Haven get from Ronney yet.

- Waited for Pris’s mum to come. Then to the chalet.

- Settle everything. they guys played mahjong with Pris’s mum. And we, the girls plus LeongWei and Pearcesley went to tabao Pizza back.

- Makan and played Don’t forget the lyrics (Biantai version)

- The four of us – Vanessa, AhPong and YuYao played mahjong the whole day to morning 6am. Very high lah. Especially Ahpong that round. LOL!

- The couples occupied the whole master room lor. Then we didn’t have the proper bed to sleep on.

Wednesday, 2 Sept.

- Played ‘Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader'?’ (Biantai version also. Is not NC16 hor) by Ahpong. Rather i think is watched the whole slides. hahaha. Super lame i tell you. But is nice. =]

- Off to Barbeque. Wasted alot of time for setting up the fire. Cause the charcoal damn MINI!

- Settle everything and home sweet home.

- Saw BoYun on the bus while going home. Chatted alot. And i think he changed alot!

- Bathed and sleep on the bed and dozed off within a minute.

Thursday, 3 Sept.

- Meet the guys at Aranda at 9am.

- Played bowling and yah. i got strike for like so long. And emo for the 2nd game. Ohwell…

- Ate Mr. Chicken Rice. Actually i dun like to eat Chicken Rice. But nevermind. Shui jiao wo du zi er.

- Took bus 3 with ahpong. And accompany him to do his things.

- Then off to CP to wait for my mummy.

- Saw LeongWei. And he can be REAL lame! I was saying; ‘if leongwei dun be SO childish, he can be real attractive.” hahas.

Friday, 4 Sept.

Hehe. Slept the whole day till almost 1pm. =X Off to meet mummy at TM. And back home, im sleeping again. LOL! going to be like sleeping pig le.


Oh yah. I've changed my blogskin. But i still find it weirdd lehh. Maybe will try again and see how. hahahhas.

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