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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009 1:44 AM

its been 10 DAYSS since i last blogged! ohwell. Im too lazy to blog. Anyway, just a short brief ehs. =D

I really forget did i go out last week.


16 Oct 2009, Friday

AhPong day! =D

Went out to TP to play Table Tennis. Played until 6-7plus in the evening. super long i guess?! Have fun~ Learned how to spin the pingpong. Thanksss HanLin! And i still trying in process. I still cant whack back pearcesley’s service. =[ Went home to bath and out to meet ahpong and Pearcesley at 9 plus. In the end, im late again! oppps!

Took Mrt to bugis to meet HuiJi first. =D Went illuma first while waiting for JiaCheng to come. In the meanwhile, we was planning how to smuggle pearce in. Came out alot of plans. And its all from me. And we choose the most simple way. Watched Phobia2. OMG! the sound effect super awesome can. Eyeeerrr~

Took night bus back:) quite fast~ and its my first time coming home that late. Almost 4 i guess? but i slept at 5. =[ Cant sleep.


17 Oct 2009, Saturday.

Went off to meet ahpong at afternoon. And i woke up at 10am to pei my mum to 800 plus. =[ tired~ Off to Alvin’s house. His room is nice. i like the design. Simple~ Played Mahjong after eating lunch at Northpoint. [HuiQi~ i went the Japanese foodcourt to eat. =D] I got frighten by the candle’s light. I thought why suddenly the staircase got flame. lol! But i still stay calm:) Sang birthday song for ahpong. =] Sweet leh, ahpong. First time i heard guys sing. hahhaha!

Went home after that. Can i say here? they spoilt their image in my mind. =[ But still disappointed.


19 Oct 2009, Monday.

First day of School! Cool?? Nah~

Very bored can! I dun like the modules for this semester. Either the tutorial/lecture talks very fast or speak very slow. Especially Emath![refering to tues] Omg lah. Cannot comment already.

Went dinner with Biantai. =]]] Nice. At JusAsia. And i need to go downtown again~


And i want to say sorry to Pris. Sorry Pris. =[


21 Oct 2009, Wednesday.

Didn’t attend any lessons due to LOA. Cause its engine week and our course has organised a some sort of workshop for Sec 2s and 3s from Pasir Ris Sec and Siglap Sec respectively. I did totally mess for the morning shift. =[ Feel bad. Nevertheless, the 2nd one is successful for me.

And i just realised. Last Semester i had MC on the 3rd day too. And this Semester i had LOA on the 3rd day too. Coincidence? =D

Seriously, i dun want to miss my cds class:( Saw Reid at the bus-stop and we dragged him to walk with us to my house there to take 72. hehe. papa is cute!:) And we actually witness a couple quarrelling opposite. Both were shouting loudly, the girl was standing far apart from the guy. [is like a small slope, the girl on the slope while the guy on the platform.] Then the girl was running away from him after shouting loudly; “don’t want!” the guy chased up and grabbed her. Super fierce.

Out of nowhere, a guy shouting to them. Something like i want to report police. Then the guy crossed the road and shouted at the man. “im quarrelling with my girlfriend. why you want to report police?” Something like that lah.

The girl keep running to the bus stop. I saw the stretches on her arm. =[ And i thought the girl is pretty but it didn’t turn up to what i imagine. Same to Reid also. =X And we even think the scene we saw is like the guy want rape the girl but she doesn’t want and keep running. =X Im still in the curious mood. hahaa!



i dun like the tummy pain i got it last week. Think i ate the wrong thing. Thats why. It took me 4 days to recover from it. =[ The first day was unbearable! Even pills cant help it.

And my room is like no bed frame and the small table had been removed by dad as from the request from me. Currently sleeping with my parents. =D  

i want sleep le. goodnight! =D

Evon's xD