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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

click click click! =D



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Tuesday, November 10, 2009 11:55 PM

Happy Birthday DuoJie! =]]

And last but not least, Happy Birthday kor! =D


Attend his 21st b`day celebration on Saturday,7Nov09. But i stayed there for 3days and 2 night. =D

Went over to the chalet on Friday midnight and woah, my dakorkor actually misplace his car key inside the boot. LOL! Called the locksmith to come. Super gong la him.

Anyway, reach there and choose the room. =D And tadaa, i slept liao. =X

Morning went back to TP to help out in the D’s cup Badminton:) Fun and so sorry. Keep saying the wrong thing. Arghhhh. Thanks for the help for who helped me! Ended at around 1plus and went back to clubroom to do the model making thingy. =] Did until 4 plus and had our late lunch. Ohwell, i forget what we ate. OH! MEESUA and the Chicken! =D I like it. And then i went back to downtown Wanted to exchange the mini speaker with the linkpoints but then due to some technical problem so did manage to exchange. Was thinking should i? Cause the speaker still need charge de. Weird leh. Should i?

Went to buy charcoal and waited for my kor to fetch me to the chalet. OHohoh! Waited for him like almost 2hrs. Reached the chalet was like WOAH! So many cars~ And this particular car pissed us off. Arghhhh! SHoooo la! This is the first time i see jam till like that. So many people celebrate bday ah. Rot until my cousins came. =]

Sang birthday song and ya, you know. Birthday treats. I’ll show you. =D And some idiotic person ruin the whole mood there la! Not to mention the name and i can say its not your birthday you care for what! WTH la~ Ohwell… Shoo~


Seee~ =X

Did some cleaning after most of the people are gone. Im a good girl. =D Slept at around 2plus. ttired~

Did i say? Yesterday, I actually scratched my finger to save a bubble tea! How stupid am i. And i had to bath my hair using 1 hand. But at least i can drink the bubble tea – Oreo Chocolate + Oreo:)


Finally a pic to end th is post.

Evon's xD