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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009 11:28 PM

Hihi. Im back from the 22 hours camp. Didn’t have the chance to sleep. But its a great camp! minus off those lectures were great!
Same group with ChingYan and YueMing. =D Lunga. And somehow everyone only understand ‘Langa’
I love the games! Think our group didn’t get wet throughout the last game, before the monopoly one. So cool right?! =D I hardly get wet throughout the whole camp. Sweat counted?

We did a record of 7s for the design concourse that game. The one to get out PingPong balls. =DD I love my group~~
There were this game with the hula hoop one. Two people were to throw the hula hoop to the rest of the group sitting or standing in front of them. So i was the one who sat down from the back. So left the 3 of us. I got it and the two of them next to me is next. To my surprise, the hula hoop is thrown to my side again! So they had to throw again. So i leaned to another side. And you know what! Next hula hoop is coming my direction again! I was like no way! me again?!! Everyone laugh lar! Another person throw. And yes! It’s me again! Very zhun lor them. And i got hit by the hula hoop. So i got 4 on me whereas the rest got only 1. So i ask the two of them to stand instead of sitting so they can throw to them. So lucky, no me le. =D

Learned a new dance steps. Kind of difficult! And we danced TP mass dance and xi shua shua and also chicky dance plus TP song!!! AWESOME!!! Its like so long since i danced that. =DDD
And i still feel sick during the camp because of my flu.

After the camp, went home to bath and sleep. But I slept while waiting for my mum to come out from the bathroom. Awake 2hours later and back to bath. =D And went back to sleep! LOL! Woke up at around 9.30pm to watch tao hua xiao mei, lucky got my mum to call me up for dinner. =DD

Did some baking today with a sudden pop in help from my kor. =D And we did the cookies together. He made some shit and cakes. =X hahaa! And i made a turtle! =DD And its a success!

Tomorrow’s picnic for N902! =D

Evon's xD